December 4th, 2010

Ghost Captured by Street Camera

Posted in: Western — Tony
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  • Thanks to Melvin for sharing this video clip

    This video was captured by CCTV. A white figure was captured crossing the road and disappeared after a car running over it.

    The following are even more Scarier :


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    2. Ok I think that the ghost was just showing us on how he died.

      Commented by star\ves — April 10, 2011 @ 3:20 am

    3. just a relection from street Camera nothing paranormal here. I can easily replicate this with my camera

      Commented by Philip — April 11, 2011 @ 5:33 am

    4. yes i bhivive that

      Commented by sabari — May 24, 2011 @ 2:47 am

    5. @philip, if this was the case then it was great timing.

      Commented by marielle serna — July 1, 2011 @ 1:46 am

    6. Wow I love it The WORLD SCARY STORIES!

      Commented by Shaikha — August 7, 2012 @ 1:21 am

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