December 16th, 2005

Jericho Covered Bridge

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Thanks to B from Maryland.

Joppa – Jericho Covered Bridge – This bridge is the last covered bridge standing in Harford County, built in the early 1800’s. Legend has it that several lynching occurred at this bridge during and after the Civil War, in which the captured people were hung from the upper rafters, sometimes many at a time. If you stop your car on the narrow bridge late at night, and look in your rear view mirrors, the image of a swinging body can be seen.

This is the story my friends and I checked out. We went late at night during winter, it was November/ December if I remember right of 03, this past year. 1st my friend went without me and told me how there jeep wouldn’t move off a 2nd bridge. They found this bridge while looking for the one above, this was an old iron bridge big enough for one car. I’m not sure of the name of it, but it was over the falls and was fairly old. They stopped on the bridge and when my friend tried to drive again his jeep wouldn’t start! Then if you look down to your right to the river you can see what appears to be a soldier hunched over on a horse, the horse looks back at you and you can see his eyes and he contiues to walk. If you keep driving and look to the left into the fields you will notice someone walking along. They are dressed in what I guess could be civil war era clothing. The whole time you see numerous orbs and what not. Then we contiued to look for the Covered Bridge and found it. On the way to the bridge you could hear whispers in the woods and see what looked like cigarettes being light. Once again you saw plenty of orbs. Remember this is late at night in a very off the road area without street lights and lamps. During one point I glanced out my window and saw a face right next to my car window! Needless to say it scared the crap out of me. Then we reached the bridge and drove through, turned off the lights and checked to see if we could see anything and we could! We actually saw 2 bodies, perhaps 3 hanging. From under the bridge we could see a light that appeared out of nowhere. Each time we went through we saw the bodies and all you see really are the legs, the lower half. If you try to look for more you simply won’t see anything. My friends have gone back numerous times and on the last trip after they did the bridge, someone appeared behind the car and was chasing them. It just seemed to be a faceless being. I don’t know what else you would call it. I hope you find this story interesting. Everything seems to be more “awake” during a cold night.

December 15th, 2005

Ghost being capture by Police

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Submitted by Geoffrey Lee

The picture below was taken by traffic polices in 1998 when they were on duty at midnight near Tung-Mon’s Highway, Hongkong. The radar sensed the car over the speed limit and the camera snapped this photo. The polices claimed there were no people standing in front of the camera while they are on duty.

In the photo, there is a lady standing at the right corner. The Inspected claimed that the lady in the photo may be the victim in the last accident. Many Hong Kong people believe it and this picture has even published in major newspaper.

December 14th, 2005

Seance: October 29, 2005

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Thanks to B from Maryland

This was the 2nd seance I have attended. The person who holds them is Lisa and her husband Norm. I’ve known them for a few years now. Lisa is a practicing Wiccan. We hold them in their living room where everyone gathers around a circular table. We only had six people attend this one. They were:


We start off by opening the portals so to speak. We open the circle to allow the spirits through. From now until Christmas, the vail is the thinest. That basicly means right now it’s the easiest time to make contact and the more spirits you’ll make contact with.

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December 12th, 2005

Ghost seen at Hotel’s Toilet

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Thanks to Chen

I was on a holiday trip to a famous highland (Name of place revoked) and planned to spend 2 nights there with my family. On the day we reached there, my dad went to casino to try his luck. Me, my brother and mom were spending our time at Theme Park until 9pm. We were so tired and went back to our rooms for bath. I was sharing one room with my brother and our room is just opposite my parent’s room. Suddently, my mom ran out of her room and knocking at our door and shouted “Quickly open the door”. I opened the door and asked her “what happenned?” and she told me that the bathroom’s light was turning off by itself no matter how many times my mom switched it back on.

We tried to call my dad’s handset but it couldn’t go through. Most probably he has turned it off. Since my mom hasn’t take shower yet, I suggested that we should take some clothes out from that room. Then my brother & I accompanied her to the room and quickly run over to her luggage. The bathroom’s light suddenly turned on & off 3 times and stayed on. Thinking that it may be the lamp having problem, we slowly opened the bathroom’s door and to our horror, there’s a “Red Chinese Cheongsam” hanging at the mirror and the light starts switching on & off by itself (we can hear the “click” sound of the switch). We quickly ran down to the lobby and told the staff. They went to the room with us and the Cheongsam was missing and the light is switched on. We then took our luggages and waited for my dad at the lobby.

We told this to my dad and he immediately drive us home.

December 11th, 2005

Harlequin Baby

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Submitted By : John

Update : The following info was obtained from Marie B.

The photo is that of a baby with a birth defect – it’s called a Harlequin Baby. The illness is called Congenital Icthyosis.

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December 10th, 2005

Ouija Board

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Thanks to Heather

It goes a little something like this. This is not actually about me, but about what happened to my dad, but it has affected all who enter our house.

One night, my dad and his buddies were at our house, just messing around. They were about 17 or so. Well, somebody had the brilliant idea of bringing along an ouija board. At first, it was all in good fun, they were just asking random questions. Then, they asked “its” name. It began rambling off letters for about five minutes, it looked like it had a whole mess of different names inside it. It would have kept going, but they decided to stop it. Then they asked how old it was, and it did the same thing. It just went on, and on with random numbers, and they eventually just stopped that too. Then, they asked, “Could you possess us?” and it pointed to “yes”. They asked, “could we help you?” and it pointed to “yes” again. Then, being the idiot he was, my dad jokingly took a crusifix and touched it to the ouija board. The second it touched, Jesus fell off of the crusifix at hands & feet.

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December 9th, 2005

An Old Truck

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Many thanks to Roy & Methyus

Roy is an amature photographer. He had been out taking pictures and this just happened to show up in one of his photos.

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December 8th, 2005


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Submitted By : Frankie

This was happened in my previous house. My family shifted to this new house is all because of that incident.

We were staying at our old house for 5 years and nothing unusual until March 2002. My brother’s room door will open by itself every night even the door is lock. Whenever the door opens by itself, he will cover the blanket all over his body and starts shaking. He told this to my parents but none of them believe him. So he proposed to sleep with me and I agreed.

On the first night, when I woke up for my usual business in toilet, the door was really opened. I remembered that I have locked the door that night before we go to bed. Without thinking much I went to toilet and again shut the door. After coming back from toilet, the door was again opened. At this time, i start to believe what my brother told us. So before going to bed, I closed and locked the door. I have even pushed the door harder just to ensure it is closed properly. I just couldn’t sleep and suddently, the door “ngeeeeeeeeeek” opened. I look at the door but no one was there. I started to freak out and run out to let my parents know. They started to believe me as I was already 23 years old at that time.

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December 7th, 2005

Whose hair?

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Submitted By : Anonymous

What really happens to me brings a big question mark on my head. I am going to tell you now, what i really encounter on one particular night.

That night i was so tired that i dozed off after chatting with my friend on the phone. I know i was alone in the dark room and i was certain there’s nothing to be afraid of cause nothing spooky ever happen before, so i was very brave to sleep alone, while the rest of my two sisters were actually watching tv outside. So this is what happen:

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December 6th, 2005

Alien 2

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Submitted By : John


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