November 10th, 2005

The Lift

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Submitted by : Johnathan

There is a girl who lives in 8th floor of an Apartment. Whenever the lift reaches 4th floor, she can always feel something staring at her.

One nite, she had to return home late and was very scared to go up alone and thus ask her mom to wait for her downstair to go up with her. Her mom agreed. When she reaches ground floor and was relieved to see her mom waiting for her. She went inside the lift with her mom, as it reaches 4th floor, she told her mom,” Look, this is the place that i always feel spooky about”. Her mom went out at 4th floor and she quickly shouted “this is 4th floor not 8th floor”.

Then…….. her mom turned and said,” Do you think i look like ur mom?” with a smile……… She was fainted and end up in the hospital. Her mom (real mom) apologized to her as she has forgotten to accompany her as promise earlier. The girl’s parent then asked her why she was fainted and she explained to them that “the lady looks exactly like mom was not a human. Her legs were not touching the floor and smiling horribly”.

November 9th, 2005

What Is “Pontianak”?

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“Pontianak” is one of the most famous, scariest and violent ghost in the Malaysian culture. Primarily, the Malays believe that it originates from a still born child, women who dies while giving birth, women who were killed by the pontianak or their spirits captured by them. The phrase “Pontianak” was believed from the acronym of “Perempuan Mati Beranak” in the Malay language, meaning the woman death by childbirth. After such death, precautions are taken to prevent them from rising like

  • Putting glass beads in the corpses mouth so that they can’t shriek
  • Placing eggs under the corpses armpits so that they can’t fly
  • Placing needles in their palms so that they can’t fly also (apparently the palm helps the pontianak to fly)

Pontianak usually announces its presence through baby cries or turn themselves into beautiful lady and frighten or kill the unlucky who enter or pass through their vicinity. It usually disguise itself as a beautiful young lady to attract its victim (usually male). Its presence sometimes can be detected by a nice floral fragrance of the ‘kemboja’ (a type of flower) followed by an awful stench afterwards. The distance of a pontianaks cries are very tricky. The Malays believe that if the cry is soft means that the pontianak is near and if it is loud then it must be far.

Want to know how a pontianak kills? It digs into your stomach with its long sharp fingernails and feed on it to survive. And want to know why we don’t hang our clothes at night outside the house? It’s because people believe that it sniffs your clothes to suck your blood.

It is also believed that the pontianak can be killed by plunging a nail down the back of its neck whereby it will transform the pontianak into a beatiful normal girl.

November 8th, 2005

Ghost in Hospital

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Submitted by : Lady Azaze

This incident was relate to me by my cousin. She works at the outpatient section in the hospital.

That night as usual, she was getting ready to go home when one of the nurses there ask her if she don’t mind checking some paperwork before she go. So she decided to stay for a while.

The checks didn’t take long, she manages to finish the paperworks before 6:30pm.(The time when the janitor would come to lock the doors of the respective outpatient sections)

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Scary Ghost House

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Warning : This will be SCARY. Not for faint hearted. Make sure you are ready for this !!!

Look and concentrate at the door (there’s a blue stuff there) for 20 – 40 seconds and something will appears in your mind.

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November 7th, 2005

Malay Dracula capture in Karaoke Video

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Hi there everyone I wanna share with you what I have found from one surce that a “Malay Lady Dracula” (in Malaysia, they called it Pontianak) was seen in one of the Karaoke VCD in Track No.4, Song Tittle was “Adat Berkasih” . I’m sure that some of you may not realize that there is a “lady ghost” in the video. So I capture the screenshot and highlighted it for your reference. So what do you think?

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November 6th, 2005

Pontianak Image

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This photo may not be real but it was quite scary. The ghost in this picture is “Pontianak” (Lady Dracula) which is the most scariest and violent ghost in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Later I will explain what is “Pontianak”.

November 5th, 2005

Snow Ghost

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This pics was taken just outside our home in Bolton England, when it began to snow my daughter and her dad decided to have their pics taken. It was very chilly that night, or is it because i caught someone/something? it’s looking back at me…..

November 4th, 2005

Kite in Highway

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Travelling to Malaysia on my motorbike with friends, is what we always do for leisure. We had a extreme trip to Hattyai (Thailand) 8 months back. It was our first trip to that far which is estimated to be 950km or 11 hrs of riding.

For those who have even been to Malaysia’s highways, the highways are long with only small stick reflectors on the side of the roads, no lamp posts like in Singapore. Mountains, farms and hills are on both sides of the highways. Everyone in the group wear an amulet, a Thai-Buddhism symbol framed in a waterproof case on our neck. As we set out early from Singapore Tuas in the morning, we are three-quarters there to our destination – Thailand border by midnight. Due to numerous stops for petrol and to rest, our estimated time was delay. By midnight, our ‘Marshal’ was a bit annoyed due to fatigue and we had stopped too many times for smoke breaks, thus delaying. He said everyone is to travel until to stop when turning, so that those slow ones will know where to turn if needed.

I was the slowest and weakest rider as I am the only female in the group of 8. I also can’t see well during night time, due to lack of light on the highway. On this particular highway about 3-4am, I was the one travelling with no vehicles in front or behind me, the rest are far ahead. I was already used to it as they will wait for me in front if I am too far behind.

I was enjoying the silence and concentrating on my speed, when suddenly a white light appear just above me. Normal reaction was to stare hard what is that, with a SPLIT SEC, I look above and saw a female head in pale skin, long greasy hair and her big popping eyes staring straight far behind. I was under the ‘thing’ and go past under her. I dare not react and immediately slow down but not stop, and I could feel my heart stopped. These sighting could lead into accidents if you lose control of your machine. I continue and didn’t even dare to stop for a puff, enough to calm me down. Cold sweat and finally saw my friends stop at the side waiting for me.

I was always chatty, but this time I broke into silent, the rest do the regular teasing. My buddy’s husband ask me if I am ok, I juz reply a simply ‘YA’, as I dun want them to know about this incident and spoil the trip. This time I followed them very closely and not to lose sight of them. Finally, we reach our hotel in Hatyai at early morning, this time I told my room mates about it. The one who had ask me if I am ok, notice that I had something amiss and my face is so pale, but dare not to confront me. He told me that he ever heard the exact description of my incident. But normally the ‘thing’ will not harm the chinese.. y?… I oso notice that my amulet is a bit wet, when it is in a waterproof case, and definately not my sweat when I was travelling on high speed on a cool night. My amulet with the thai-buddism symbol inside is made of herb and mud, and cone.

The rest of the group tried to convince me that might be a white kite trap on the highways. I just said,”well, we been using Malaysia highways for a long time, and there are no electrical wire poles across the highway, and how the hell the ‘kite’ struck there and no people resided there and how the hell there is ‘kite’!!

Submitted By : NIL

November 3rd, 2005

Train Station

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Well, i wouldn’t wanna commend how true this story is, only those who is reading this and had experienced this will know.

Due to certain reason, this particular police office had to be station at a certain bank at Orchard MRT for a few days till the wee hours in the morning. He was warned by the lady bank officer that the male toliet was haunted.

Of course he did not take it seriously. That very night, he went to the toilet at about 11pm, where the shopping crowd had ceased. During the mids of releasing himself, he heard someone crying in the next cubicle. He perised his ear to hear, indeed it was a man, sobbing. Immediately he came out of his cubicle to check things out. The next cubicle was locked and the sobbing continous.

Without much further investigation, he rushed out if the toilet and crash head on to the MRT station control officer. Without asking what had happened, the station control officer told him to be calm, as what the police officer had experience is very normal.

According to the station control officer, if anyone had work long enough at Orchard MRT, would have know this story.

Occassionally, this upset male spirt will turn up at gent’s toliet and hide in a certain cubicle to cry his heart out. Nobody knows the story that had upset this poor spirit.

But GUYS if you are interested to find out, you can visit that toilet, try your luck and see if you can find out why the spirit is so upset.

Submitted By : ICE


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