November 19th, 2005

Ghost capture in the Curtain

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It’s quite a long time that I didn’t post anything as I was away to other state on working trip.

The following photo was sent to me by a reader (he wanted to remain anonymous). It was taken at his house and during the shot there was nothing there. He got a shock when the photo was viewed in his PC.

November 10th, 2005

The Lift

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Submitted by : Johnathan

There is a girl who lives in 8th floor of an Apartment. Whenever the lift reaches 4th floor, she can always feel something staring at her.

One nite, she had to return home late and was very scared to go up alone and thus ask her mom to wait for her downstair to go up with her. Her mom agreed. When she reaches ground floor and was relieved to see her mom waiting for her. She went inside the lift with her mom, as it reaches 4th floor, she told her mom,” Look, this is the place that i always feel spooky about”. Her mom went out at 4th floor and she quickly shouted “this is 4th floor not 8th floor”.

Then…….. her mom turned and said,” Do you think i look like ur mom?” with a smile……… She was fainted and end up in the hospital. Her mom (real mom) apologized to her as she has forgotten to accompany her as promise earlier. The girl’s parent then asked her why she was fainted and she explained to them that “the lady looks exactly like mom was not a human. Her legs were not touching the floor and smiling horribly”.


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