August 10th, 2008

Unknown Monster

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Thanks to Michelle for sharing this video clip

A dead monster was found by some villagers and they immediately contacted local authorities to check it out.

July 27th, 2008

Short Horror Stories – Part 2

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Mimic Ghost – Submitted by Thugrhymez14
I was on the 2nd floor of our house playing PS2 with 4 of my relatives aging from 2 – 7 years old when suddenly they heard a voice of my aunt saying that she’s home and want them to come down. I was so busy with the game so I did not mind them since they are familiar with the stairs. All of them hurried down stairs just to find out that nobody was there. They where totally shocked.

I was very worried that something bad happen to my Aunt that time. Incident of bombing in our location is very often. It came in to my mind that she must be probably a victim and just wanted to see her beloved nieces for the last time. Luckily my Aunt arrive an hour later riding a cab and was totally fine. I told her the story and she said she had experience the same thing at our house. At around 4-5 am she was about to use the bathroom when she saw my sister went in the bathroom before her. She heard running water and singing which is the hobby of my sister when using the bathroom she waited for 30 minutes suddenly the running water stop she thought that my sister was done. But she was shocked to find out that nobody was using the bathroom.

She then remembered that my sister ask her permission last night that she will not go home because she was invited to visit the province of her boyfriend and she left immediately after my aunt agreed. Again my sister was fine. We are still living in the same house as of this writing but we are no longer afraid because we believe that the ghost couldn’t hurt as anyway. We just think that the ghost is friendly and just want to have fun with people. That is why we call the ghost the Mimic Ghost…

My Roommate – Submitted by Macki
my boyfriend accompanied me to my boarding house to check if my laundry service already arrived. he waited for me outside the boarding house. while i was walking in the gloomy corridors of the boarding house, i felt this strange feeling that someone or something is looking at me, so i walked faster.when i got to my room, a gust of cold, creepy wind pass by me. the weird thing is, my windows is always closed so its quite impossible to get cold in my room. when i opened the lights in my room, to my horror, i saw a girl sitting in my bed,she was wearing a white bloodied tattered dress, she has no left arm, bloodshot eyes, her skin was already`decomposing and worst, her head was twisted 360 degrees!!!!

i woke up this morning in my boyfriend’s room. he said he found me unconscious at the side of my closet. he told me that my hair was like crazy and my face, hands and feet is full of dirt. the creepy thing is, he found a pool of blood in my bed,and a bloody hanky with a cursive name, marissa. at first i still cant move on about what happened last night but i pulled up my guts to go back to my room. when my boyfriend and i went back to my boarding house, we saw the landlord sitting in the side bench of the house, we asked him about the past of my room and the former boarders who used the room, his face turned pale then said, marissa is still there isnt she? then he cried while telling us that marissa was his daughter. before he turned his house into a boarders house, her daughter marissa was the one who was using the room i rented. she was just 12 when she was raped and stabbed to death by their gardener. when the gardener was about to fix the body, the body accidentally slipped in his hands, and fell on the entrance stairs and marissa’s head was twisted 360 degrees. after what i heard, i would never, EVER go back to that room again…

The Math Room – Submitted by Emo_Panda
I was at my 6th hour and my teacher was speaking to us, explaining a assignment. Since I already knew I just decided to turn and look out the door. There was a white figure that looked like a girl in her 13s right there. I blinked and it was gone. I sorta freaked out for a second and came to the conclusion it was some kid playing a prank or a trick of the light. Then my teacher stopped talking and said we could do anything we wanted. I just put my head down. Then there was the door handle going in and out. I turned around to my friend Meaghan “hey did you see that?”. “what?” she said. Then she was inside the room.

I turned like I didn’t hear the whispers or see her and as soon as the bell rang to go home something hit me on the back of my neck. I turned around quick and no one was there. The next day I figured out some 8th grader committed suicide in the school……

July 20th, 2008

Bush Monster

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Thanks to Felenino for sharing this video clip

This video was taken by some hunters during their hunting trip in a forest. They spotted blood and skeletons. They also heard some weird noises and decided to find out what happened. To their horror, they spotted a monster feeding with fleshes.

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July 11th, 2008

Garden Ghost

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Thanks to Cheloski for sharing these images

This image was captured from a surveillance camera installed in a park. This was heavily discuss among the regular visitors to the park and some have seen this ghost in the park.

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June 25th, 2008

Short Horror Stories Part 1

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The Throwing Ghost – Submitted by Paige
Well, this is a complete true story…It happened to me.Well I’m a 13 year old young girl. Well my 3 friends were spending the night at my house because me were going to ConeyIsland the next day. So we are not the like most teenage girls these days.We were playing with a Ouija board that night.Then we began to fall asleep, but then a pen was throw at my friend Alyssa.She throw it at my friend because shes always doing stuff like that.So she throw it back at Alyssa.Then Alyssa throw it onto the Ouija board.Not meaning to.Then about 3 or 4 minutes later the pen as thrown at my friends head and it bounced and hit my eye.Then we noticed that none moved because me were huddled together when the pen hit me and my other friend.Then we began to get very scared.

Next, we broke the pen and throw it out the window.Then we leaning up against my bedroom door. My dresser was next to us and when we though it was over, a glow stick was thrown.We got really scared.So we tested it to see if it was a fake.We sat it in the middle of the floor and watched it.Then my friend said something very funny and we looked away.When we looked back….It was gone.We moved covers and everything to see where it was.But it was gone..Then a little fake penguin was thrown right at my head.Then I cried a little.We stayed up all night and then the next morning everything was fine….Creepy!

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April 28th, 2008

Angel Captured at St Peter’s Basilica

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Source of this photo is from Daily Mail

When retired policeman Andy Key went on a trip to Rome, he was struck by the beauty of sunlight streaming through a window in the Vatican. As the Pope made an address nearby, he decided to capture the stunning image on his camera.

But it was only when Mr Key, 48, and his wife Susan, 44, returned home and and downloaded their photographs that they noticed a strange apparition in the picture. They were amazed to see what looked like the image of a guardian angel above the heads of other visitors to St Peter’s Basilica.

Professional photographers have studied Mr Key’s photo and are at a loss to explain what may have caused the image.

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April 15th, 2008

Alien Captured on Aircraft

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Thanks to Peter for sharing this video clip

An alien sneaking at the passengers from outside of an aircraft. It appears to be transparent.
** I can’t really conclude that this is true or fake. You Decide!

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January 24th, 2008

Blue Spirit at Gas Station

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Thanks to Andrew for sharing this video clip.

This video was captured by the gas station CCTV camera. A blue ghostly image was captured hanging and flying around the gas station. The owner of this gas station called a group of TV Crew to check it out. Many customers were interviewed and they couldn’t explain what it was.

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December 30th, 2007

UFO and Alien Attack Hikers

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Thanks to Matt for sharing this video clip.

This video was taken by Red Rock Hikers, Scott Pendleton and Jennifer Fox. Scott & Jennifer went for hiking and suddenly there was a rock fell from the sky and landed just meters away from their position. Scott was curious and went for an investigation. Jennifer was scared and kept asking Scott to leave this place but due to Scott’s curiousness, he wanted to continue his investigation. Then suddenly, an alien-like monster jump out from the rock and attack Scott then Jennifer. This video was found near the rock by sheriff and both of their bodies were missing from the scene. Now they are reported as missing couple. You can visit Tacoma County Sheriff Page for more info.

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December 10th, 2007

Short Horror Stories

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Short Story 1 (The Demon at the Door) – Submitted By Angel
I was 11 when this happened. One night, when I had gone to bed, I woke up to hear a noise and looked to my open bedroom door, where I saw a dark figure (which was outlined by the bathroom light remaining on) staring at me with red eyes.

Thinking that it was my mother, I had called out to her multiple times, each time getting louder and louder. By the third time I called out to her, her red eyes did not move and I was getting frantic, screaming out to my mom and hiding beneath my covers.

Come to find out my mother was in the living room fast asleep and had woken up from my calls, running into my room. When I looked at her, the black figure had gone and I have not seen it since. But I guess I had always been afraid after that of what might be watching me or threatening to harm me at any given moment. I know that was a demon…it was too dark and felt too evil…

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