July 20th, 2006

Factory Dormitory

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  • Thanks to Barry for submitting this story.

    This was happened to me when I went back to my hometown to join a new company. Since the factory is located in a jungle (they are loggers and sawmill), I am required to stay in their staff dormitory which has 8 rooms. I was staying alone in a room for almost 8 months + and nothing happened before until that day. The rooms have no toilet attached and the toilet is located about 50 metres away from my room.

    One night, as usual, at midnight, I will have to go to the toilet and carry out my business. While going back to my room, I saw a figure sitting at the sofa (there is a living room + TV shared among the staff) with his head bowing up and down. First I thought it was my colleague and after walking closer to see what this guy was doing, Ahhhhh, the figure was transparent and turning his (yes, it’s a guy) head to my position. Without thinking much, I ran back to my room, locked it and cover the blanket over my whole body.

    At that time, I was telling myself “hope that thing will not disturb me”. After several minutes, my blanket started to move (that thing was pulling my blanket). Then I held it tight using all the energy that I have. After some struggle, the pulling stopped. But I continued to hold the blanket tight.

    Several minutes passed, I slowly sneaked out to check whether that thing is still in my room or what and I couldn’t see anything. Suddently, I have a very strong feeling that something is still in my room. Then I quickly get off my bed and switched on the light….. to my horror, that thing is sticking at the ceiling looking at me with his angry eyes and sound herrrrrr. I quickly ran out and knock on one of my colleague’s room and shouted for help, the door opened. Then I quickly explained the whole scenario to 2 of them and they followed me to my room, looked around and found nothing.

    A week later, I’ve resigned from the company. Until today, I am still afraid of staying alone and this type of encounter has never happen to me again.

    The following are even more Scarier :


    1. Hi , interesting story ….
      In what country does this happened?
      Btw. You must becarefull what you think of , because according to Quantum Mechanics you”re thoughts can and sometimes (in your case) will become reality.
      I”ve experienced something familier after about a couple of hours watching Ringu.
      And I swear , it was REAL …only this lady had red long hair(wich I could hear slide across the wall!!!) , but suddenly “she” dissapears .
      So I tell you , when you are all alone , think positive and NOT of ghosts or anything like that…cuz the human brain is STILL much an undiscovered country with MUCH potential to CREATE……

      Commented by CHANCE — July 21, 2006 @ 7:50 am

    2. Hi Chance,
      This was happened in Malaysia. Yes, when human starts imagining some unexpected things, very often he/she will feel something around them. I have heard about it a lot. However, all are only feelings but never encounter anything unusual.

      Whenever, I post something in this blog at night, I do have a same feeling such as someone standing behind me, unusual sound, etc but after checking further, I found nothing :D.

      Commented by Tony — July 21, 2006 @ 8:55 am

    3. wow! amaxing story u got there, hehehe got scared here, hehehehe

      Commented by stephanie — August 13, 2006 @ 7:53 pm

    4. story is good…
      played too much Silent Hill?

      Commented by Valeanor — August 13, 2007 @ 5:41 am

    5. This incident happened to my uncle before. He was working in a small factory located in a deep forest.

      Commented by Trecena — September 12, 2007 @ 12:49 pm

    6. scary

      Commented by alissa — April 25, 2008 @ 4:27 pm

    7. wow all i have to say is that is some truly scary stuff right there. i honestly dont know what i wouldve done. i mean i obviously would have quit or gotten out of there as soon as possible but to have to live with remembering that and fearing that i could not handle

      Commented by egypt — April 27, 2011 @ 3:18 am

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