June 10th, 2006

Ghost Study

Posted in: Asian — Tony
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  • Thanks to Wright for submitting this video.

    This was discussed in one of the Japan’s TV Programme. First, they were discussing about a spirit flying from the rock to the sky. Later when the lady (in red dress) was sharing her view, some unexpected noises were recorded by the camera man. The director informed them about the voices.

    The following are even more Scarier :


    1. yeah, that ’bout somes it up. Pretty cool that they got that on tape and that many viewers saw that…imagine the chills that crept up all thier spines…yummy

      Commented by Angela — November 3, 2007 @ 1:25 am

    2. uh i agree viewers scared

      Commented by alissa — April 26, 2008 @ 4:16 pm

    3. come on that could just be a bug debunked

      Commented by frances — December 25, 2008 @ 9:34 am

    4. WHAT! that was something in front of the camera all out of focus. Maybe the cameraman was changing focus and there is a scratch or piece of dust on one of the lenses.

      Commented by KW — February 4, 2009 @ 5:46 am

    5. what a bautiful attempt to make people scared! ha ha ha.dis all was drama nthing real

      Commented by shelu — August 12, 2009 @ 2:21 pm

    6. lol there`s so many sounds going on in this , I hear an echo`ish sound effect ,a guy kinda yelling in Japanese and music .Very hard to gather any sense on something like this when it is obscured with needless sounds.Plus it says the cameraman captured the sound? surely that`s the sound guys job .
      Also the footage at the beginning is so grainy that trying to say its a ghost /fairy /helium filled condom is pointless lol

      Commented by kallia siou — December 9, 2010 @ 8:06 am

    7. since its in a didfferent language u carnt acctually tell which voice they are talking bout

      Commented by carrissa — January 1, 2011 @ 6:35 pm

    8. that was just a pick – up from a different channel reception..

      Commented by DDDUUUU — June 10, 2011 @ 4:17 pm

    9. interesting and funny 😛

      Commented by Riminisiya — March 9, 2012 @ 12:44 am

    10. Are your group accepting new members? I have my e-mail on file apparently but not my pasword. How can I get it and reaply for mrmbershhip? Thanks, W.D. Holland, Ph.D.

      Commented by W.D. Holland, Ph.D. — February 11, 2013 @ 2:05 am

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