December 10th, 2008

Short Horror Stories – Part 3

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  • Hide and seek in the country side – Submitted by Rafila
    i was playing hide and seek in the country side and had a group of ten people. Since this is the country side there is no lighting available but torches and the moon light allowing us to see. We all agreed on racing back home but since i was the fastest as everyone had claimed i had to close my eyes for 20 seconds and then catch up with them. As soon as i opened my eyes everyone was gone. No where to be seen, since i didn’t want to run i walked and then all of a sudden to my shock i saw a young girl crying and walking towards me. I realised then that her face was covered in blood and her arms were moving really weird then as i froze the girl stopped crying and started floating towards me making no sound and had her hands stretched out as if she wanted something. I almost peed my pants and ran screaming as fast as i could. I told everyone what had happened back at home but none believed me they claimed that i was missing for an hour before i returned. The next day i went back to check out the spot in which i saw her and found a bone of some sort stuck in the earth. i led everyone to the spot in which i found it and they dug it up and found a skeleton of a young girl. It was later discovered that the girl was murdered by her psycho dad. That was really freaky and i had therapy after that to help me in which i went through after the ordeal.

    The Boy in the woods! – Submitted by Kate
    when I was 5 i just moved to california to a new house my room was small but had a huge window that showed the woods behind the house. well on the first night there i was scared because at the time i hated the dark but my mom made me leave the lights off. so i couldnt sleep and instead went and looked out my window. when i saw this little boy in the woods he was walking towards my window and then when he was about to walk down the hill and towards me i jumped back into my bed and hid under the covers scared out of my mind. the next day my mom told me to go and meet the new neighbors so i went and said hi she was this old lady named sarah but leaved all alone. she gave me cookies and talked for hours she seemed very depressed tho when she talked. so after a while i went home and to bed. that night i stayed under my covers and was fast asleep when i heard tapping on my window it made me wake up but when i looked at my window no one was there or anything that could of made that noise. but as i was walking back to my bed i heard the noise again but this time when i looked i screamed so loud that both my parents came running in, i saw the boy who was walking toward my window the night before but when i saw his face half of it was gone. my parents saw nothing when they ran in cuz the boy was gone. i slept with my parents that night and got grounded the next day for making up a story about the boy of course they would never believe me they didn’t see it. so i went and visited my neighbor we talked again only this time i noticed a picture of a young boy the same boy who was out side my window the night before. i asked her who the boy was and she said it was her son he had died 8 years ago in the woods when he went hunting with his father. he got separated from his father and when he went looking for him he saw a bear and decided to try and kill it for food. bears where common near my home. any way he missed the first shot and the bear ran after him and bit him on the leg making him fall to the ground then he began to eat the side of his face the father then say the bear and shot it right in the head but the boy was already died and half of his face was eaten!

    Scavenger Hunt – Submitted by Lilian
    Two of my friends are moving away so my other friend, June, decided to organize a party. The party’s theme was Halloween. There were about 11 pple there. We decided to have a scavenger hunt.I teamed up with my best friend, Cherry (nickname).It was about 6:00 because we all had to eat dinner first. It was starting to get dark.The first thing on our list was a porcelain doll.Cherry and I were a bit nervous because we had always thought her dolls were scary; they all stared at you. We decided to check the washroom first because that was the closest room. Cherry looked under the towels while I looked in the laundry basket. Suddenly, the faucet turned and squeaked and water started pouring out of the faucet. Cherry and I were startled but dismissed it because we thought it was something wrong with the pipes. We didn’t find the doll so we left. We tried the living room. Cherry looked behind the couch and I looked behind some family photos. Then the TV turned on by itself. We got really freaked out. We got even more scared when we saw the remote on the floor with the porcelain doll lying on top of it. I blinked and I could’ve sworn that it moved its head. It kept staring at us and we just placed in our scavenger basket. When the scavenger hunt was finished, Cherry and I told June and the others about what happened. June frowned and insisted that she had hid it in the attic, behind some old boxes. Cherry and I gulped and we dropped our basket, but the porcelain doll was gone! June, Cherry, the others, and I checked the attice, along with June’s mom. June moved some boxes away and there was the porcelain doll. It was smiling…almost evilly. June picked it up and it slipped out of her hands.Cherry caught it though. June said that there was water on it. Cherry and I looked at each other. The sink…

    Dead Campers? – Submitted by John Ford
    I was working at Comer Scout Reservation this past summer up in Mentone Alabama. Me and a few other Staff members were standing in the Staff area talking. Me, and a friend looked up, and saw a “person” standing behind a tree near a tent. At first we thought it was a Camper who had snuck into the Staff Area. We heard something in the woods and began to yell: “Hey! Come out, we know you’re there!”, and “We’ll get the Camp Director out here!”. After 5 minutes we stopped yelling, and listened. We heard rustling in the woods…STILL! So after some arguing, me and 4 other staff members went into the woods to look around. We got about half way into the woody area and saw the “person”. It was dressed in casual clothes…it looked like jeans and a t-shirt. When we went to go get the “person” it dissapeared! Turns out 2 people were murdered at Desoto State Park 2 years ago. I’m sure it was the ghost of one of the murdered campers.

    The following are even more Scarier :


    1. In the story “Boy In The Woods”, the girl who wrote it said she was 5 when this happened. Was she 5 when she wrote it? Proof-reading would be nice! In “Scavenger Hunt”, I detect there is more to the story….hmmmm. Where is the rest of it?! Never-the-less, these stories ARE pretty good. Too bad about they can’t “read so good”….lol

      Commented by smokenmirrors — December 17, 2008 @ 7:15 am

    2. damn good i just frakedout………………

      Commented by hareem — December 20, 2008 @ 7:25 pm

    3. the story”scavenger hunt” was perfect! but i expect more from it

      Commented by kate — January 30, 2009 @ 1:05 pm

    4. Hide and seek in the country side

      this story is scary but how did you remmber where you was standing i could never remmber where i was standing

      Commented by jamie — March 5, 2009 @ 8:01 pm

    5. Horror at a old abandon hostipital
      i was 7 years old i was with my older brother and his mate. we walked past this old abandon hostipital. I saw this person just standing there my mates and my brother saw him standing there too. He had his face to the back off us then he turned around and looked at us his face was covered in blood.We all ran off me and my brother ran home then my mate ran home then my mate rang me and said was it a ghost or a real man.

      Commented by jamie — March 5, 2009 @ 8:11 pm


      Commented by becky — March 18, 2009 @ 8:06 pm

    7. one day i was walking on road.there is no one with me.i ‘am a brave girl though i’m not scared of anything but on that day i was so scared because while am walking at road to go my home back i saw a young boy shadow following me when i look behind there is no one but the shadow is with me.i was just praying to god and walking then slowly slowly shadow is change into color .i ran fastly to my home and tell whole story to my mum and dad they dont belive me after one month i go back there to seacrh what was that then i get to know that boy was mudered on that same day on same place….

      Commented by samiya — March 22, 2009 @ 3:54 am


      Commented by Miranda — March 23, 2009 @ 1:46 am

    9. In Malta a new hospital was built thus everyone was transfered to ‘Mater Day’. St. Lukes which was the older one, is still being gaurded by securities. During the night they claim to hear strange noises … and it isn’t the furniture for sure. Many people passed out there …

      At ‘Sea View Restorant’ there is said that sometimes one can see a nun. She is seen when there are power cuts and in the basement which leads to near the see and eventually to the place were there is the generator. I never saw anything but people who are more fearless than me, claim to have seen here and they never went in.

      At ‘Point A View’ Restorant, the owner once during the night heared the drier in the restorant toilets working. He went in to tell the person that they could use the other bathrooms nearer to their rooms and found no one. In the same place sometimes I heared the piano music that when I went to see I would find it closed. I came to know that the building was very old. So old in fact that the building cannot be removed by law

      At the ‘Wignacourt center’ which is now used as bank offices is also said to be haunted. Others have said that they have heard noises though I never believed them. Once when I was the only one in the building early in the morning (for I had acess to open, re-set alams…) I heard someone knock on the door of one of the inner rooms. I knew for a fact that no one should be in at this hour. When I went to check there was no-one. I didn’t make case that one time but whenever I went to open, I would hear the knocking and sometimes even paces.

      Commented by Drumond — April 14, 2009 @ 9:31 pm

    10. there is an old bunker near wer i live and me and my gf went in there and we seen this man in a yellow jacket just laying on the floor so we ran home the next day in the wiltshire time it says yellow jacket man slaughterd so me nd my gf dont no if it was a ghost or a body

      Commented by scaryashell123 — April 23, 2009 @ 4:58 am

    11. The stories started off sounding spooky, but the terrable english and the way it was all written made it so uuuuuunscary! I re-typed up one of them to show you how it should be written 😛

      When I was only five years old, my parents moved to california to a new house. My room was small, but had a huge window that showed the woods behind the house. Parents admired it as a great view, but to a five year old girl, nothing was scarier than having a great woods in your window. I hated the dark, but my mother made me leave the lights off. I couldn’t sleep, my young imagination thinking of all sorts of things that could be lurking in the dark. I looked out of the large window, and saw a little boy in the woods. He seemed to be walking towards my window, and when he was about to walk down the hill, getting closer and closer, I jumped back into my bed and hid under the covers, scared out of my mind. The next day my mum made me meet the new neighbors, as you do when you move. So I went to say hello, and she was a lady named sarah. She lived alone and she seemed lonely. I spent alot of time with her, talking for hours, she was very nice. However, there was something about her, it was so sad, earie. That night I stayed under my covers and was fast asleep, but I awoke when i heard tapping on my window. When I looked out my window there was no one or nothing there that could of made that noise, but as I was walking back to my bed I heard the noise again, but this time when I looked I screamed. I screamed so loud that both my parents came running in. I saw the boy who was walking toward my window the night before, but when I saw his face half of it was gone. By the time my parents had reached my room, the boy had gone. “It was just a nightmare”, what five year old hadn’t heard that before? Despite their efforts to convince me it was a nightmare, I was too terrified. I slept with my parents that night and got grounded the next day for making up a story about the boy. The wouldn’t believe me, convined I was dreaming, but I knew it was no such dream. I went to visit sarah, and we talked again. I noticed this time that she had a picture of a young boy. He looked familia to me. After thinking it over, I realised he looked like the boy, no it was the boy I has seen outside my bedroom window. I asked her who the boy was and she said it was her son. She told me he had died 8 years ago in the woods when he went hunting with his father. The two were seperated and he went to try and look for his father. While searching, he came across a bear. Foolishly, he tried to shoot it, and his shot missed. The bear was on him within seconds, biting at him. The bear had torn half of his face off. The father had found the bear and shot it, but he was too late. The boy in my window, the boy with only half a face, he died that day by having half of his face eaten.

      Commented by Minue — April 29, 2009 @ 7:43 am


      Commented by SHANTANU — May 5, 2009 @ 6:05 pm

    13. i think that the hide and seek one is the best because it gave a got example of the story and it is that good i used it 4 my homework

      Commented by abi green — May 8, 2009 @ 1:29 am

    14. Nice one Minue

      Commented by Tony — May 20, 2009 @ 10:28 pm

    15. I had just turned 7 when this happened. Me and my Mum decided to move to Spain, because of the brilliant sunshine and good tourist destinations. I was really excited and couldn’t wait too see my new home. When we arrived Mum chose a house with woods going all around it, in a sort of barrier. Mum loved it, but I wasn’t so sure. I was especially suspicious about those woods, and how their frightening shadow’s casted over the house, making it look spooky and unwanted. But before I knew it Mum bought the house, and we started unpacking. Eventually I got bored, and started mucking around deliberately, and Mum crossly sent me outside with the creepy woods. Terrified, I gulped and slowly creeped outside. The shadow’s seemed more demonic then ever at 6:00, and the trees seemed more sad. Feeling as if I was trapped in a pit of evil, I hunched down low on the floor, my heart beating. Then, I suddenly heard crying. I looked up, and there was a little girl standing only a few feet away from me. Her face was covered in scabs, and so were her arms and legs. her dress was ripped. She floated towards me, her arms outstretched, then vanished mysteriously. Totally frightened, I ran back inside. When it was nighttime all I could think of was the little ghost. Then, I heard the crying again, and I looked at my window. The little girl was standing right outside my window, her eyes fixed on me. Scared out of my skin, I realised all her scabs were bleeding. She tapped on my window, and suddenly dissapeared. I was so frightened that I hid under the covers. I never heard that crying again, but it still scares me whenever I think about it

      Commented by Amber — May 27, 2009 @ 5:53 pm

    16. I was 9 when this happened. My Mum and Dad had decided to send me to a only girls’ boarding school. I was very excited but frightened at the same time. I had never been to boarding school before, and I was worried about the other girls and how they would talk to me, but I was exteremly curious as well. When I arrived and my parents left, I couldn’t stop crying. I was surprised that lot’s of girls comforted me, and were very kind to me, and I eventually stopped my tearful crying session, and started talking to everyone properly. Before I knew it I had made friends with just about everyone, and all the girls in my dormi were all very friendly and welcoming, but I couldn’t stop myself rushing to the toilets and being sick at night. One night, though, when I had my usual homesick bug, I ran in the toilets and a girl was standing there. She had long, ginger hair that ran down to her waist, and she had ginger freckles covering her nose. Her eyes were bright blue with a hint of green, and she was quite tall. She was brushing her hair with a brown, wooden brush, but stopped when she saw me. I had never seen her in any of my classes so I wondered if she was older then me. “Hello,” I said, then rushed into one of the cubicles. After I had thrown up I cleaned my mouth with a piece of toilet paper, then came out. The girl wasn’t brushing her hair anymore, and she was staring into me. Eventually to break the silence, I said “how long have you been here?”
      “7 years,” the girl repiled. I was surprised she had been here for so long. “I love your hair,” I said, “I like how its so long.” “Thanks,” The girl answered, with a smile on her face. “What’s your name?” I asked her. “Jennifer,” she said. “Hi, Jennifer. I’ve not seen you before. Why-” “I like spending time on my own,” Jennifer interupted. “Oh…” I said. “Well I better get back to my dormi, which one are you in?” I asked, but Jennifer didn’t reply. She just walked out of the toilets. I followed her outside, but I couldn’t see her anywhere. So I just went back to my dormi and went into bed. The next day I asked my friend, Lilly, if she had heard of anyone in the school called Jennifer. “No,” Lilly replied with a frown on her face. “I mean, theres a girl called Jennifer in my gymnastic and swimming class, but she has blonde hair, not ginger, and she certinetly doesn’t have freckles.” Seeing the look of surprise on my face, Lilly went to ask the owner of the school, Ms Young, if there was anyone in the school called Jennifer with ginger hair, and when she came back, I saw the look of fright on her face. “There was a Jennifer with ginger hair before in this school, but she had arrived when the school had just been built, and that was 20 years ago. She had gone to the toilets one night and had mysteriously dissapeared. The teachers had never found her, but had claimed when they had walked inside a brown, wooden brush was lying on the floor…”
      I have never been inside those toilets again alone.

      Commented by Lizzie — June 2, 2009 @ 11:44 pm

    17. shame i was hopin there was gona be real life expirences.
      ohhh well… :(

      Commented by pikle — June 7, 2009 @ 2:25 am

    18. Lets face it all of these stories are fake, There are to many questionable facts in them , and everyone likes a good ghost story .

      Commented by Primarus — June 20, 2009 @ 5:50 am

    19. when i was 10 me and my classmates went on a school trip to a camping site in cornwall, where we were staying for 5 days. i shared a cabin with my best friend lydia, and my other friends gemma, lucy and kirsty. We ended up in, guess what; cabin 13. Me and my friends were outraged. We didn’t want to stay in the unlucky cabin, but there were other classes there as well and it was too late to change everyone around. So, we had to stay in number 13. That night when we were sleeping in our room I woke up suddenly. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I heard someone banging on the window and calling for me. I awoke Lydia (shes really easy to wake up) because I couldnt get myself to go to the window alone. As too not wake the others, me and Lydia tiptoed to the window and looked outside. No-one was there, and Lydia was a little angry at me for waking her up for nothing, so we went back into our beds. Lydia easily fell asleep in seconds, but all I could do was close my eyes and shiver. I was sure I wasn’t imaging. The way the banging and calling was sounded too real to be fake. I wondered if some silly kid was playing a trick on me. But we were only allowed out in till nine o’ clock, and it was 11 o’ clock at the time (i looked at my watch to make sure). Maybe a little child staying in one of the cabins had lost track of the time and was just joking around? But it was really dark outside. Surely a child at any age wasn’t brave enough to be outside in a strange field at 11 o’ clock at night? Just to make sure, I decided to stay by the window just in case the “child” came again. It was quite a while, and I was just about to go back to bed, before I heard footsteps outside. I peered outside the window, and saw a little girl standing outside the cabin. Her hair was short and brunette, straight at the top up curly at the bottom. She was wearing a little summer dress and small black shoes, with a woven basket in one hand. Inside the basket it was chock filled full of apples. As I watched her silently she reached into her basket and pulled out a apple. Then she threw the apple right at the window, a red apple with yellow patches. When the apple hit the window, it gave a violent bang. Then, to my fright, I heard the little girl say, “Rebecca…would you like a apple?” She rumaged around in her bag again, then pulled out another apple, covered in bumps, bruises and cuts. Then, to my disgust, she ate the apple. After she had finished, her body started to shake frightfully. It shook and shook and shook in till she stopped. As I looked at her, I realised her face had changed. Her hair was sticking all over the place, unlike the calm, perfect hairstyle it used to be. But her face was the scariet. Her calm, brown eyes had turned firey red and round, her mouth was streched into a wide grin, and her teeth were large and pointed. Her cheeks were bright red, almost the same color of blood, and she had grown bulged in her arms and claws on her finger tips. Then, she gave a evil laugh, turned round, and ran away on all fours. Shaking with fear, I saw her run out of the camping site and into the dark streets. I ran frantically to my bed, got in it, and immedietley fell asleep. Every night I had nightmares about the little girl. She would be fine at first, looking exactly how I had seen her look the first time. But then, she would eat the same apple every time, and turn into her other form. Then she’d pull back her head and laugh madly and demonically, then rush away as if in a hurry…on the last day when we were going home I was very relived. I didn’t want to stay another night in that cabin. When we were just about to leave on the bus, kirsty remembered she left something in the bedroom. When she returned, she said she left the basket of apples on my bed, if they were mine. what basket of apples? the teachers asked. The one that I found in the bathroom this morning kirsty replied…

      Commented by becky — June 22, 2009 @ 4:00 am

    20. That is kind of freaky! If any of YOU guys agree with me, then this is 2 of my poll fo u guys! Here it is:
      Do You believe in the paranormal?
      yes or No or I duno?

      Do u think recording is freaky?
      yes or no or I dunno?
      Post comments plz! Thx ! MIRANDA OUT! :)

      Commented by Miranda — June 24, 2009 @ 2:56 am

    21. Very scary although i think the scriest story was left by becky in the comments lol her friend finding the apples made me freak out and to answer Miranda

      Do You believe in the paranormal?

      Do u think recording is freaky?
      I don’t really get this question reording of wat???

      Commented by Alexandria M. — July 10, 2009 @ 3:50 pm

    22. come on,anybody could write anything ,even u could make anyone fool through such stories .shouldn’t we see something more trusted.

      Commented by andy — October 25, 2009 @ 9:26 pm

    23. The Doll – Submitted by Mhairie
      Once there was a girl about seven years old. She lived with her parents in a small house which was in the middle of a deserted moor. They were somewhat poor, and got this house a few years ago for not much money. The girl’s name was Marisa, and she new every inch of the house.
      One night, Marisa went to the kitchen, hugging her doll tightly, to find her parents talking very seriously. When the girl walked in, she noticed something through the window which was over the sink. Over the hill about five yards away, a man with craggy clothes and a pale face with black hair was staggering over towards the house. Marisa caught a few words in the conversation; ‘killer’ ’911′. As the parents noticed their daughter, the told her ‘Go to bed, honey. It’s nothing.’ So Marisa went to her room. But she couldn’t fall asleep. she knew that her family was in trouble, that that man wasn’t a good sign. Suddenly, a door outside her room slammed open. She heard a shriek and a loud thump. Footsteps were heading towards her room. She let out a scream, and ran over to close the door, and locked it. She went over to her closet. She had to hide. The family had a secret; in Marisa’s closet, there was a secret passage in a loose stone which led to the cellar, which would help them if they needed to hide. She heard a loud *bang bang* on the door. She pulled out the stone, and looked at her doll in the beady, deep blue eyes. She dropped her doll in first into the cellar. The door suddenly burst open. A man came in with a knife, dripping with blood. Marisa was about to get into the cellar, but before she could move, she was killed, and the stone fell back into the floor.

      500 years later, another family moved in. They had a girl who was 12 years old, and she was very curious. One night, the girl, whose name was Nicole, couldn’t fall asleep. So she put her head under her covers, and closed her eyes tight. She thought it was her imagination, but she heard a faint, desperate cry… ‘help me… help me……..’ She opened her eyes. ‘help me…. help me…..’ It kept getting louder. She took the covers off. ‘help me…. help me!’ Now she knew it wasn’t her imagination. She got out of bed, and made out that it was coming from the closet. ‘help me! HELP ME!’ She walked over to the closet door, and flung it open. The noise seemed to ring in her ears like a fire alarm. A single stone in the floor was shaking violently. She picked it up, and as soon as she took it out of the floor, the voice stopped. A gust of wind came out of the hole in the floor. She looked into it, and gasped. There was a pair of eyes, blue as the sky, staring straight at her. She climbed down the ladder, and picked a doll up. Its eyes were beautiful, but it looked at least 500 years old, all dusty and the colors were faded. Suddenly a piercing scream came from the doll, and it rattled violently in her hands. She shrieked, ran upstairs, and told her parents. The family moved out almost immediately.

      Today, the house in being used as a museum. It displays the doll. And, they say if you listen closely on that day Marisa died, you can hear it from the doll; ‘help me…. help me…………’

      Commented by Abigail Ignes — September 21, 2013 @ 8:44 pm

    24. Today I was playing with my friend (Sisily) and her 2 dogs ( buds and isle) where digging at something by a tree and we got scared because they now better than to dig by trees or dig up an animal so we can see and hear ghosts. My mom past away in 2013 and if I’m in danger , my mom tells me safe things to do. Today she was telling me to not leave the dogs and to see what they where digging at. We never found out but where going to see tommaro.

      Commented by Emily Hulsey — September 29, 2015 @ 11:16 am

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