September 28th, 2009

Short Horror Stories – Part 4

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  • Old Woman – Submitted by Rachael
    I have had many encounters with the Paranormal, but I have decided to tell you the story of what happened to my brother about 3 months ago.
    My fathers house is split into sections with certain doors lock to make it safer for everyone at night, for instance the Bedrooms and bathroom have a door between the living room and kitchen etc that is locked at night so no one can get to us.

    Anyway, one night we was all asleep, mine and my brothers bedroom is downstairs, our sisters and dads upstairs. I am a light sleeper and everytime my brother wakes up I normaly hear him walk past the corridor and I wake up, if any one walks past my door I wake up, and one night I heard my brother running to my fathers & Step-mums room. I didn’t think much else about that night, I couldn’t go to sleep for ages as I was a bit creep out but I finally managed to drift off.

    The next morning me and his mum (my step mum was talking) and she told me that last night, my little brother had gone to her saying there was an old woman in the middle of his room talking to him, and she wouldn’t shut up and he couldn’t go to sleep. So he came running to his mum and asked to sleep in their bed.

    You probably think nothing of this story but the fact that, no one can get to our room as the door is ALWAYS lock at night that separates the bedrooms from the rest of the house, I WOULD of heard someone walk past my door and ALSO before my dad bought the house an old woman owned it, she died and my father got the house.

    Just makes you think…my brothers bedroom used to be mine and I never liked that room at night, there’s something about it…that’s strange…oh well hope yo enjoyed my story! :)


    Ghost House – Submitted by Laura
    There was this house my mum and i used to live in. It was built in 1929 so it had a lot of history, the usual stuff, different people over the years. When we moved in there was what we thought was the usual noises you get used to in a new place, and little things that would happen that, you know, you just don’t think about too much ’cause you are too busy settling in. It started with the cupboard doors opening wide and being left that way. Our fridge used to make dogy humming noises and we’d hear a sound in the night thinking that was it. Then the talking, low voices, nothing violent. Then it escalated. We woke up one morning and every cupboard door in the kitchen was wide open. Every one. Mum and i have both woken up on separate occasions and gone into the kitchen for water and the kettle has been turned on. Our kettle needs to be pressed FIRMLY down on the button, it’s not automatic or anything. Then we got home one evening to hear two old ladies whispering quietly to each other. We thought we’d left the radio on. Both of us. We asked the each other twice if either of us could turn it off before going to check. The radio takes two switches to get from CD mode to radio. It was off. To those of us who haven’t had hauntings before this is probably a bit weird, but we liked our ghosts. The old ladies stayed until we left, and the cheeky spirit who used to play kitchen pranks on us would come and go as it pleased. Make off that what you will…

    Shop Keeper Ghost – Submitted by SJ
    Your Story: One summers day about 15 years ago, I popped into a small grocery store to get an ice cream.

    There was an “L” shaped counter in front and to the right of me, and as I opened my purse to pay for my ice cream, I glanced up and saw an old lady standing behind the counter. She smiled at me, and I apologised for taking so long trying to locate the correct change. When I glanced up again she was gone.

    I suddenly heard someone ask “Can I help you?” and glanced to the right handside of the counter, where a younger lady was standing behind a till.

    I was taken by surprise, and asked where the old lady had gone to who was going to serve me? The lady behind the till laughed and then explained that I had just seen the ghost of the previous owner of the shop who had passed away.

    By all accounts she liked to drop in from time to time and keep an eye on her business!

    The following are even more Scarier :


    1. I paced the floor in the hallway, once in a while looking at that room that I some how seen before I examined the room from the dusty old carpet to the clammy ceiling. I heard the door shut with a loud bang! I wasn’t expecting someone or something so sudden, I saw a bright light glomming my way I dragged my feet over and I find that it’s a torch working without batteries but I didn’t think it was weird at all I expected something else, something more tragic.

      I step inside a large dull room to my left and I see an old man with a long white coat, glasses that filled his face and trousers above his ankles, he muttered something I tried to ignore him and turned around he tapped me on my shoulder and smiled as if I were a friend I turn around again and he vanished and nothing was there, as if I had imagined him, but his features and clothing matched the scene, that exact moment I felt isolated, unwanted and so afraid to triple my emotions the torch turns off and darkness haunts the hallway.

      As I slowly regained my consciousness I hear a noise, a scream.

      I run downstairs and I looked all over the basement; there were two other rooms down there – nothing. I felt foolish but as these occurrences increased I couldn’t help wondering who or what was doing this to me, I never really saw anything, but after awhile I grew weary, I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up and felt a warmth, as if someone was almost touching me, but when I whirled around, nothing was there.

      I hurry myself and run up the stairs looking behind me, every step of the way./#’
      I stand at the top of the stairs while tears are covering my cheek, I felt anxious and trapped, I want to leave but there’s no exit as if the door I walked in from had disappeared.

      Pacing and rushing around the room, I was confused and scared, I had no idea on what to do!

      Commented by Caroline — October 21, 2009 @ 6:47 pm

    2. i myself have had many peranormal experiences. But my most experinced was suprisingly in my grandparents house. One night I had recently woken up to see that the house was starting to look and move wierdly. The walls were what seemed to me in motion, like they were swaying around. That same night I went upstairs to see if anything similar was happening there… but nothng had happend. But when I went to return to the room I was staying in, there was a white figured girl standing in the door way. I asked who she was, I blinked for a second then she vanished. I went in to search the room but nothing was there. I went upstairs to hear my brother talking about a strange girl he had saw the same night shortly after I went to bed.

      Commented by austin — October 24, 2009 @ 3:00 am

    3. last night, I went camping with my friends for one of their birthdays. we were told to bring ghost stories to tell, which would only freak us out more at 12am. as we were in the middle of telling them, we heard a scream come from the woods. we went to go investigate. every couple minutes we checked to see if we had everyone. when we came to a hut/house type thing we saw it covered in blood saying:
      come in and you die. from, anna

      it was anna’s birthday…and she was missing.

      we sprinted back to the campsite only to find anna and our parents dead. the police investigated…but there was no evidence. the blood on the hut was anna’s, and the blood inside our parents bodies were our other best friends
      so when we went to school a couple days later, we found that only us 3 were at school

      there was blood everywhere.

      this is a true story…and i would know because i am the ghost of anna.

      Commented by anna — October 24, 2009 @ 9:26 pm

    4. The other day i was stopping at my cusions house and we were sat up in bed with her daughter when her fiance came home. we all went to sleep in the bedroom and at 5:30 am i could see my cusion and her fiance sitting up looking scared. we all heard a huge bang come from downstairs. Daniel (Siennas Fiance) ran downstairs and i follwed him. the chandelier in the living room was swinging and it fell off the ceiling. After that we saw a figure of a young person running out of the patio doors. we rang the Rent agency who they rent the house of and they said a little girl and her parents lived in that house. the little girl fell and broke her neck apparently. My cusion, Daniel and Seren (there daughter) are moving back in with my Aunty Patricia cus loads more creepy stuff has happened. the day i left Daniel went to check on Seren and Serens bed was rocking up and down and seren was sat up smiling… Who Knows whats in that house in Aspley… if you want to know what house it is. let me know.

      Commented by Demi. — October 26, 2009 @ 12:51 am

    5. one night when i was walking in my house in the hall my sitting room door was closed then my kitchen door was open my back door was closed but its a full glass window and you can see through it . it was raining and thunder and lightning one minute there was nothing there and my dog was inside it was only a pup at the time I saw some one what looked to me as a sailor in black it was out the back it was pointing to me and my dog but i didnt know what to do i was so scared he was there and he tried to open the door but it was locked… luckily, he wrote on the door i’ll come back for you and the dog but wrote down the dogs name “ozzie” i was so scared i just grabbed my dog and ran upstairs to my mam i had to sleep with my brother and my mam and my mam in one room and my dog was with me i havnt slept without knowing my dog was near me he came back about a month later he was out the back my dog ran after chasing him so i grabbed a powerfull pellet gun with steel pellets and scared to open the door i opened it shot one pellet at him but i missed so he came over the door and wrote down “remember me i’ll leave you alone but please remember me”

      it really is a true story my house number is 18

      Commented by mark — November 2, 2009 @ 4:14 am

    6. once i remember when i was a kid….my bed started shaking violently…..i was damn scared nd ran upto my mom…she thot that i had a bad dream….but it was not! we left that place 10 years back…..the place where we stay now is even more creepy!! our main door always gets jammed…..tho a person checked da door nd said dat its absolutely fine….no greasing needed or dat! and another tym i actually saw something happening…….felt lyk someone just picked up m files nd books nd threw it in da air…….the moment i entered the whole bunch just flew of nd got scattered all over da floor….!! dat was awfully creepy!!

      Commented by Deborah — November 13, 2009 @ 10:31 pm

    7. ahm well as i read the stories it is really scary and interesting, hope to read more stories, tnx……

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    8. well the stories are look interesting.

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    9. hope i can read a lots of stories next time.

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    10. hmmm, post more ghost stories please! thanks! ^^

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    11. stories are little scary bt interesting……….

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    12. nice one!!!

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    13. did you know the old ladies name jw?

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    15. My experience was a somewhat scary one. I was in hospital for a week when i was having an operation rouhgly 3 rted tmonths ago and this was an old, and I mean really old hospital. Anyway as I was being wheeled into theatre being anethitised and I started to nod off when just behind the surgen I saw a flickering then a fraction of second later a guy wearing a blood and greese stained overcoast appeared, he was holding your average surgen’s tools: Scalple, Bone saw, that sort of thing. Then I saw his him like over and said don’t worry I won’t hurt you then like grabbed my forehead and everything just went black.

      So like 4 hours later when I woke up I saw this guy again in the corner and he looked at wanted to stab me or something and the last thing I remember before I passed out from the anethetics again (I was like just waking up and went back to sleep again) was him saying sorry I’m not quite finsihed just lie down and it will all be over soon.

      So yeah I am rather freaked out when I ever walk into a hospital now

      Commented by David — December 30, 2009 @ 2:35 pm

    16. great story!!

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    17. the stories are good… but i think you should put the punctuation marks…..because i cant somewhat understand some of the stories because these have no punctuation mark….. no offense…but as i’ve said the stories are very good and scary….:-)

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    18. The stories look interesting.

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    19. omfg good story!

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    20. i time me and my cozins wer at my grandmas houze and it is huge trust me my grandmas house is huge so me and my cousins wer sleepinin the room me my brother and 3 of my cousins i was 16 the other was 14 an the other was11 i was 13 and my brother was 12 so it was 1 am and my grandmas house has a huge groundand there was a room at the end andm yparents told me never to go there my cozins and me never dared to go there but this nite we decided to go there so we entered and the room wasnt that big but we heard a voice at the end of the room and me and my cozins freaked out like shit we saw some1 at the end of the room just sittin silently and we just ran away the next day my brother felt sick and was sick for 2 dayz and we never to go there again and this story is eal trust mee!!

      Commented by ahsan — January 15, 2010 @ 12:33 am


      Hi Guyz and Galz. BEWARE those who dont believe (You will get your time to experience it personally), u may think these kinda stuffs are just a fake but not really. Para-Normal / Ghosts / Spirits / Super-Natural Powers does EXIST. I have got many experiences to share with you all, but one by one. Let me start with my own experience.

      1. My First experience and this happened in the year 2006. “It was my semester study holidays during which 5 of my friends use to do night study at the last moment (asusual guyz). We used to stay awake till 2 or 3 am. Once, it was in my friends home (no relation for me with that home / location prior below said things happened) where we used to sleep after study. Just then when we all started sleeping, i got myself suppressed by a heavy force taking my whole body under its control throughout. I was not able to figure out if there is any of my friends playing around with me but none was there. I was fully awake then, once all these things happened. I tried to call upon my friends but none responded and everyone was in deep asleep and did not hear my voice (they said later).
      The very next day, it went asusual. We stayed awake till 2 am, and we went on to sleep in the respective places. After sometime, say half hour, i was disturbed a lot, getting unwanted dreams as if am being chased by someone horribly due to which i woke up in the mid suddenly by just opening my eyes and having covered with bedsheet till my neck. Literally to say, i dunt bother if u guyz believe or not, i saw a person just above my eye view, like someone (You may take as a ghost / spirit / supernatural power – Anything) hanging in the roof committing suicide. I couldn’t believe my eyes for myself. His eyes and toungue protruding out, Blood oozing all over the places down. I just screamed outta hell and all my mates woked up, shook me heavily and i said them what had happened few mins back. They did not believe what i said as there were no evidences for me to prove them, not even the shed out blood that i saw, until we enquired any happenings in that room to the neighbours. Fortunately / Unfortunately, to my belief, there was a person who has committed suicide hanging on the roof and dead miserably few years back (may be around 2004), My friends gave me a starred look”.
      Since then my friend have sold that home and it is now been demolished completely.
      But still I believe that place would be cursed / haunted until rituals are performed.

      2. My second experience and this happened few months back in year 2009. “I am working in an IT concern and everyone would know how things go on with IT’ians. It was a very usual day until i experienced this. I had got many tasks to complete and it dragged me up till 1 am midnight and i was about to start home. There was none at my office except myself and few securities (Brave peoples – Hats off), all of my collegues have left prior. I was about to start off with my motorcycle but to my surprise it was not starting and it was torturing me like anything unsually (May be that should have been the hint given for me for not to make a move now). But i still tried a lot and finally got started. I was moving on my way and a sudden change in the climate, very cold, made me to feel some sort of intusions that something is going to happen. But i dint mind it for few mins until i got a thought of murder scenes in my mind running throughout. Now this got captured in my thought fully and i was not able to concentrate on my drive as well. I rushed up the speed to reach home safe.
      In the mid of my way i was encountered with a middle aged man asking for a lift but since i was afraid, i did not stop the ride and i kept moving on with the fullest speed that i can. Suddenly after few mins this happened, i felt a hand touching me from back side on my left shoulder (and i was in a dilemma whether to look back or not – everything happened during my drive at the fullest in just fraction of seconds) and i hold my breathe and decided to take a look and turned around to see who it was, to my shocking it was the person who asked lift, sitting at the back seat. I just got shocked and rushed fast holding my guts and breathe within and went home. Since then i never used to come late alone. If i come then it would be with someone accompanying me, but not spirits.

      This is not a joke / fake, it’s REALITY and happened in my life.
      Many many experiences are yet to come… Stay Tuned…

      Commented by Vijay — January 19, 2010 @ 6:26 pm

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      A pregnant woma is lying on her bed and traumatized due to the dreadful nightmares she has been encountering as a result of the murder she comitted aganist her twin sisiter, she pushed off the fridge into te deep water. She is sleeping and being disturbed. She watches the ghost of her dead sister is standing on that bridge and condemning her to hell. She starts screaming for herded sister to help her. She starts lobor. Her cloth just vanishes. She remains totally naked. Her head takes off and flees out of her place while screamig. iT BLEEDS and pollutes the bed.She continues struggling to push the baby to comeout.tHE BLOODY HEAD COMES RIGHT IN THE LEFT HAND OF HER SISTER STANDING ONTHE BRIDGE. sHE COTINUES SCREAMING FOR HER HELP WHILE BLEEDING…

      Commented by David Kilama — February 12, 2010 @ 12:03 am

    23. wow whoever this David Kilama is who is a quote “great writer of several movies and tv series” is probably just someone impersonating him, and if it isn’t.. wow you have a morbid weird mind. Wait scratch that, whoever you are you have a morbid weird mind.

      Commented by jorgin von strangle — February 25, 2010 @ 4:49 am

    24. I meant to say if it is

      Commented by jorgin von strangle — February 25, 2010 @ 4:50 am

    25. wow so scary

      Commented by esther — March 4, 2010 @ 2:25 pm

    26. one day i was takin pics. out of my window on my cell. i got this strange blur into my screen so i snapped the shot. and the photo looked like my friend. come to find out my friend had died that day.. freaky hugh!!

      Commented by lizzi — March 7, 2010 @ 5:48 am

    27. i had a same problem. once i was in 3rd semester i was studying in night time. after completed of my study i went to sleep. the room what i was studing is single room. that was not my room. that’s my friend room. i asked him to give the room, so he gave the room. i complted my study and i went to sleep. that day the time is 2oclock. when i slept i had a dream. in that one lady came and she tried to kill me. that time i was not able to talk loudly. i asked her no to kill me i have a future to alive. she did not listen what i am saying.i had one mobile, in that i put the screen saver the god photo. when i told to i had anjaneya photo, she told me i dont have any problem.she told like that.finally she removed her hand.that was happened in my life. not one i have so many.

      Commented by pavan — March 10, 2010 @ 12:31 am

    28. the stories are freking scary at lest some of them the one about marissa was freking scary it scard my 11 year old brother:)!!!!!!

      Commented by ashton — March 10, 2010 @ 5:23 am

    29. very interesting i must say!…

      Commented by vaughn — March 25, 2010 @ 3:00 pm

    30. My first experience of the supernatural. It was an easter week so we always get to my grandmas island to have a relaxation. Every night, the electricity providing the island is only good for 3 hours. From 6pm to 9pm. When the light was out we usually get ourselves drunk by the shore and put up a bonfire for us to light the place. We shared stories til our bonfire was out then we move back to our cottage. When all of us was sleeping, i was awaken by an unusual sound with flapping wings goin around back and forth. I was shaking after hearing it. All of my friends were in a deep sleep. I was the only one whos awake. Ive tried to wake them up but to no avail. Then suddenly i heard scratches behind the opposite side of my wall. I know it was an aswang. The place where my grandma lives is known for the existence of aswang. By the way, im from the philippines. If you want to visit and have some experiences with an aswang just fly your way here in iloilo city.

      Commented by Aswang — March 26, 2010 @ 5:55 am

    31. i m 10 years old and i really love horror stories and i like the stories ;]

      Commented by kessey ann — March 26, 2010 @ 3:13 pm

    32. Two months ago my grandma died of a heart attack (because she smoked lots of fags). After her funeral me, my sister and our parents were sorting out her furniture to be taken away so there would be space for the people who would be moving in. While I was walking down the stairs carrying a pile of her books I felt this warm air on my arm! I dropped the books and they nearly fell on my sister’s head. My parents yelled at me for being clumsy and told me to hoover her bedroom (we’d taken out all the furniture inside). There was paper and dirt all over the floor. When I was finished and I turned off the hoover, I thought I saw this figure standing in the corner and watching me. I looked properly at it but it disappeared into mist.
      A few minutes later we were leaving the house, and I walked out the door I thought I heard a calm voice saying something. I turned round and saw my grandma! She was smoking a fag and smiling at me. Then she said, “sweetheart, theres some biscuits in the cupboard.” She always gave me biscuits when I was five every time I came to her house! I ran past her into the kitchen. The cupboard door was swinging open and I saw some biscuits inside! I heard footsteps behind me so i looked round but no-one was there. I ate the biscuits quickly, then said “thank you grandma,” silently. After Mom yelled at me to get out, the new owners of the house had arrived. So I ran out, and told the new people to say hi to grandma for me whenever they see her. They looked like they thought I was crazy. Behind them, I saw a shadow crying. I ran out of the house, crying as well. I went into the car and we left quickly. Me and my sister stared at the house.
      I haven’t been to back since, even though I know my grandma’s ghost is there. Ghosts aren’t always scary!

      Commented by Zoe — May 15, 2010 @ 9:49 pm

    33. my story is when i was 10-12 years
      I was sleeping in my bed and had what i thaut a dream i met a phontom who was nice but when i yawnedand said i was tired he got me to my room pushed me down his cloak opened and i saw deadly weopons ie sword knife gun and 5 heads looking my age then he got out his fingers they had long realy long nails and scratched me. when i woke up next day i had marks that where red and streched down my face an a head in my wardrobe my mum came up and said it wasmy half bros trik and said it wasa dols head. But i remembered my brother is dead and had a head next to me. now im in a new house but the new owners(who my uncle) have a dauter becoming ten soon!!! im scared to death but shes already had scratches!

      Commented by bex — May 28, 2010 @ 12:56 am

    34. Well, I have a phone in my room that is connected to all the others and has the same number, but when I anwser it, the other phones still ring.

      Anyway, most of the time when I anwser the phone, the others ring quieter (which you need to know to understand the first bit of my story.

      One day I was in my room reading, when the phone started to ring. Thinking it would be one of my friends of something, I anwsered it. The other phones were ringing very loud, louder than usual. When I listened, the phone went dead. I hung up, but the other phones were still ringing for some reason, which doesn’t usually happen.

      I just forgot about it for a while, but a few days later it started happening, and the calls were more frequent.

      I decided to unplug it – I thought it was just the phone not working.

      A few days later I was in my room on my laptop. I’d just logged on to msn, when the phone started ringing. Forgetting I’d unplugged it, I went to pick it up, but then I saw the wire pulled out of the plug.
      I’m still getting wierd calls, where the phone just goes dead and the other keep ringing. I had a technician come round and he said that there was no problems with the phone.

      Commented by Becca. — May 29, 2010 @ 1:00 am

    35. i don’t understand how your brother was able to get to your mother’s room if the doors were locked

      Commented by ??? — August 2, 2010 @ 12:16 pm

    36. One Time My Best Friend (Shea) Was Sleeping My House, I Was About 7 And He Was About 6 And He Was In The Spare Room Then All Of A Sudden He Came Into My Room And Asked Me Who The Other Person That Was Sleeping Was. I Was Really Confused By This Question And Told Him There Wasn’t Anybody Else So He Took Me Onto The Landing And There Was A Little Boy There. He Was Wearing Ragged Clothes And Was Dripping Wet, He Had A Few Blood Splatters On Him Too And He Just Stood And Stared At Us. He Was Infront Of My Sisters Door, She Was Downstairs So We Ran Downstairs And Told Her, She Came Up To Find Nobody There, She Said We Were Making Things Up And Went Back Downstairs. A Few Years Later My Mam Was Cleaning Out The Loft And Found Some Old Photo’s, On One Was The Little Boy, I Called Shea And We Assumed He Must’ve Lived There Before Me, We Ripped The Photo Up And Threw It Away. We Think He Drowned But Can’t Explain The Blood Splatters.

      Think What You Want Of This Story But It’s Not Very Often Two Small Children Will See The Same Thing (Ghost Wise) To This Very Day It Freaks Us Out, My House Must Be Haunted Because There Have Been More Signs Like This

      Commented by Hannah — September 19, 2010 @ 6:32 am

    37. The storm lasted so long that they thought they would starve. Finally, when the wind and swirling snow had died away to just a memory, the father, who was a brave warrior, ventured outside. The next storm was already on the horizon, but if food was not found soon, the family would starve.

      Keeping his knife and spear close, he ventured out upon the most-frequently used game trail, watching intently for some sign, in the newly-fallen snow, of animal footprints or movement of any kind. The forest lay deep and oddly silent under its gleaming coating of ice and snow. Every creature of sense lay deep within its burrow and slept. Still, the warrior hunted, knowing how desperate his family had become.

      As he moved through the eerie stillness, broken only by the soft caress of the wind, he heard a strange hissing noise. It came from everywhere and nowhere at once. The warrior stopped, his heart pounding. That was when he saw the blood-soaked footprints appearing on the path in front of him. He gripped his knife tightly, knowing that somewhere, watching him, was a Windigo.

      He had learned about the Windigo at his father’s knee. It was a large creature, as tall as a tree, with a lipless mouth and jagged teeth. Its breath was a strange hiss, its footprints full of blood, and it ate any man, woman or child who ventured into its territory. And those were the lucky ones. Sometimes, the Windigo chose to possess a person instead, and then the luckless individual became a Windigo himself, hunting down those he had once loved and feasting upon their flesh.

      The warrior knew he would have just one chance to prevail over the Windigo. After that, he would die. Or… the thought was too terrible to complete.

      Slowly, he backed away from the bloody footprints, listening to the hissing sound. Was it stronger in one direction? He gripped spear in one hand, knife in the other. Then the snowbank to his left erupted as a creature as tall as a tree leapt out at him. He dove to one side, rolling into the snow so that his clothing was covered and he became hard to see in the gray twilight of the approaching storm.

      The Windigo whirled its massive frame and the warrior threw the spear. It struck the creature’s chest, but the Windigo just shook it off as if it were a toy. The warrior crouched behind a small tree as the creature searched the torn-up snow for a trace of him. Perhaps one more chance.

      The Windigo loomed over his hiding place, its sharp eyes seeing the outline of him against the tree. It bent down, long arms reaching. The warrior leapt forward as if to embrace the creature and thrust his knife into its fathomless black eye. The Windigo howled in pain as the blade of the knife sliced into its brain cavity. It tried to pull him off of its chest, but the warrior clung to the creature, stabbing it again and again in the eyes, the head.

      The Windigo collapsed to the ground, bleeding profusely, almost crushing the warrior beneath its bulk. He pulled himself loose and stared at the creature, which blended in with its white surroundings so well that he would not have seen it save for the blood pouring from its eyes and ears and scalp. Then the outline of the creature grew misty and it vanished, leaving only a pool of blood to indicate where it had fallen.

      Shaken, the warrior, heart pounding with fear and fatigue, turned for home. He was weakened by lack of food, but knew that the storm would break soon and he would die if he did not seek shelter.

      At the edge of the wood, he found himself face to face with a red fox. It was a fat old creature, its muzzle lined with gray. The creature stood still, as if it had been brought to him as a reward for killing the Windigo. With a prayer of thanksgiving, the warrior killed the fox and took it home to his starving family. The meat lasted for many days, until the final storm had blown itself out and the warrior could safely hunt once more.

      Commented by Raksha(Demon) — February 26, 2011 @ 4:14 am

    38. This is a true story, but it didn’t happen to me… it happened to someone I know, though. I’ve changed it into first person.

      My family bought a house with a creeky iron gate a few years ago. One night, I went to bed and had trouble getting to sleep. Finally a drifted off to a light sleep, but was awokened by the gate, creeking loudly. I was a bit creeped out but thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. The next morning I went down to the kitchen to find my father reading the newspaper. “How’d you sleep darling? I hope you slept good. I have some bad news. Out next door neighbour was murdered last night.”

      This person was traumatised for months, and I would have been too.

      Commented by Oliviaaa — April 30, 2011 @ 8:00 pm

    39. Once you walk on the sidewalk and I are friends and we saw Xi’an Kbern approaching us and ran away and I left my friend and Friends of Jake Wright Hama Ashe great Eacht Jake and disappear in the event Hawa piece in Evrivia to now do not know where my friend Jake

      Commented by nabil — July 20, 2011 @ 4:33 pm

    40. i had a spooky experiance at my grand mothers house……

      My grandmother normally got up extremly early to cook my grampas lunch at that time he was a construction worker so all you would hear was dishes clanging……………………………………………..

      So i woke up at around 5:00 and heard dishes and people talking and laughuing the noise kept getting extremly loud at around 5;15 so i opened the door and stormed down the hall and saw a quit and clean ikitchen in the darkness the time was 5:17

      Commented by lolocrazy — July 27, 2011 @ 3:54 am

    41. in my house also there is a hazy shadow ghost that my mother has seen many times and we are going to left this because its haunted

      Commented by shubh — June 15, 2012 @ 8:38 pm

    42. One day I went in te living room and u had a feeling that someone was starring at me I was scared so I read ur stories lol jk I bored do more stories

      Commented by Cookie — June 28, 2012 @ 7:05 am

    43. oKay, this is my story..

      Commented by ebrin — December 10, 2012 @ 5:17 pm

    44. This is my story,
      I love my laptop, it have average graphics and processor.
      I do almost anything on it, play high rig games, internet, do my work, arranging music, watch movies, etc.
      One day, i just want to watch horror movie, so i download from youtube “Ju-On” the American version. Yeah, its not scary but.. i have a choked feeling from the begining of the movies. My back feels so heavy.. And what pissed me off….. my Games LAGS badly after that….. i want to cry
      Im a sensitive person. I was born and live w/ paranormals stuff. My great2 grandfather was a high Shaman for independence war. So, exorcism, past vision, Jins Conversation is my “stuff” but i cant see Jins.
      Lets call it fate, i have a guitar teacher that also a paranormal. But his eyes can “see”. He also communicate. He oftenly hired by horror movie director as a “consultant”, a medium for shooting location. so i ask him about Ju-On movie in my laptop.
      I play the video just fast glance to him. He just say “its best for you to delete the movie”.. Then i just delete that movie without doubt. He offer me a coffe, and went inside to make one. NOt long after that, while im alone. I hear a Loud CRACK sound somewhere. When i was noticed, it was the glass table where i put my laptop. I break my teachers table :(
      i just put my laptop about 20 minutes ago. Overheat?? no.. few weeks ago we have Play Street Fighter 4 and PES 2011 all night long w/ my other friends here. When my teacher come out, bring me a coffe. and he just say “Oh, its out already”… I apologize to my teacher about his table. This Ju-On director is using dirty “trick” to make horror movies. To make his movie more scary. My teacher explains many of Horror director is using this dirty “trick” to scare the audience.
      After a few days, my games run like before, without lag.. good for me 😀

      Commented by ebrin — December 10, 2012 @ 6:07 pm

    45. I’m terrified of ghosts. One day, my father decided to quickly drive I town to pick up some groceries, so I was home alone with my younger sister Tami. Dad never left me home alone and I felt quite free, but a bit scared, so I just played on my iPod touch. I was playing Minecraft on it and I heard a groaning noise, but I just thought it was the zombies on it, So I continued to play. The groaning started to get very annoying so I put it on mute. Then I heard the noise again. I checked if it really was on mute but it wasn’t. I sprinted to my room and shut my door, then locked it quickly. My heart was going super fast and I was breathing heavily. I had never been so scared in my life. Then I remembered Tami. I cursed myself got being an idiot and found my encyclopaedia, to use as a weapon. I crept out my door and ran to Tami’s room. Ifoubc her sitting on the floor, chatting to someone. I asked who she was talking to, and she said the man from down the road, Harrison. I froze, because he was dead. He had died of a painful sickness a few months ago. To this day, I worry about my sister and hope that Harrison will leave her alone.

      Commented by Hayley Smith — February 23, 2013 @ 5:05 am

    46. I keep getting strange phone calls. My brother Ferance says there probably mindless pranks, but I think different. It started last month. I was in my room with my friend Daisy, when my mobile – my sisters old phone she gave me – started to ring. I picked it up and said “Hullo.” For a few seconds there was silence then the line went dead. I shrugged it off and forgot about it until just after dinner, me and my family were in the living room. My phone began to ring and I picked it up and said “Hi.” Again there was silence and then the person hung up. I told Ferance and Thalia, and they said it was just a prank. My sister was quite worried after if happened at least three times a day for the next two weeks. She told me that I should change my number, so I did. I still kept on getting the calls, but then Ferance had the idea of seeing the caller id. I never even look at who was ringing or what the number is, I just pick up. So the next time it rung from the person, it was a saved number to my phone. When Thalia saw the number, she paled and said “It’s not possible.” I asked what she meant and she said that the caller, her friend David, had died months ago, a few weeks before Thalia gave me the phone.

      Commented by Surina Greengan — February 23, 2013 @ 5:27 am

    47. One Night As Iwas Layn In My Bed iheard a noise from the kitchen and it was strange because my grandma was sleeping in the other room along with my was a clicking sound and was very annoying so igot up to see and when i stepped in the hallwat i saw a dark shadowy figure hitting the fridge with a spoon

      Commented by Laderrika Murphy — March 21, 2013 @ 3:49 am

    48. Not my story, I copied and pasted it 😉

      Once upon a time there was a guy who checked into a hotel for one night. the manager gave him his key (the old fashioned metal kind) and told him NOT to go into room 356.
      the guy goes up to his room and is like okay whatever. but that night he can’t sleep so he wanders around the hotel. he comes to room 356 and is like “oh why did he tell me i can’t go in?” so he looks through the peephole and sees the most beautiful girl, dancing mysteriously and magically. She is so beautiful he stays there the whole night, just watching her. The guy is SO entranced, he decides to stay another night.

      The next night, he goes to look through the peephole of room 356 again. but all he can see is red. just red. no girl, no room, nothing. but he stays there the entire night HOPING that the girl will come and dance again.

      The next morning he checks out of the hotel and asks the manager why he couldn’t go into room 356. The manager tells him that his daughter died in that room and has haunted it ever since. Spooked, the guy asks how he knows the ghost is his daughter.

      How does the manager know it’s his daughter’s ghost?

      Because she has one red eye.

      Commented by Midget — April 13, 2013 @ 9:06 am

    49. i love stories that talk real experiences.. especially when it about horrors,,

      Commented by love — June 19, 2013 @ 10:45 am

    50. i love this stories very much some story is more intresting than other

      Commented by lucky — May 21, 2014 @ 12:12 pm

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