December 18th, 2012

Short Horror Stories – Part 6

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  • The Monkey – Submitted by Marz Allora
    I remember, when i was about 5, i was with my sister, spending the night at my grandmas house. it was late, and stormy. i was ready to fall asleep on the couch. at the other end of the couch, was where my big sister Kaylin was sleeping, also there was the door that lead into the living room. my grandparents and my sister were asleep, and as i closed my eyes, i saw the door open, the light was on in the dining room, so i could see who, or what, was coming through the door. i didn’t see anyone, so i figured it was just tiger, my grandmas cat. then i remembered that cats cant open doors. just then i see a small shadow. and out from behind the couches arm, walking on its hands, was my favorite stuffed animal.

    It was a brown Capuchin monkey, with exceptionally long arms and tail. it looked at me with its big brown eyes as i realized i left it at home. i was struck by fear as it smiled at me, cocking its head to the side and widening its eyes. i covered my head with a blanket, and waited. i dont remember how long i did, but later that night i uncovered my face and searched for it. the monkey was gone. sleep eventually found me and i let it take me in its arms. the next morning my sister woke me, by poking my face.

    “Ooooo, youre in sooo much trouble!!! dad said you couldnt bring your monkey! im telling!” she laughed.
    “i dont know what your talking about.” i uttered, thoroughly confused. i thought last night was a dream.
    “whaat ever.” she said as she bolted out of the room. i stood up and looked around, and there, in my grandpas chair, was my monkey, still wearing that creepy smile. and as i backed out of the room i swore it winked at me.

    weeks later i sold the monkey at a garage-sale. and that morning i woke up with it right next to my bed.

    The Horrible Night – Submitted by Suyog
    This is real and about my room.we are 3 friends lives in complex which is situated near our left side of college.
    There is large empty space towards east of our room and it is at first floor. It was dark night and there was no moon in the sky. we all 3 friends were studying at that time.We were studying concentrically from 9pm.It was 11.30pm.there was sharp door knock on the door.i opened the door but that was my friend.I warned him that don’t do this again. After some time we suddenly heard horrible leg tap on the slab. i did phone call to my friend and asked that are u there once again?on which he replied that ‘he was just going to sleep’.

    We afraid hardly when it was happen.Then we decided to check terrace and went slowly on the slab.we looked at surrounding but nobody was there except cold wind.then we return back and ‘oh my god’ we shocked! the big red angry eyes were staring at us and slowly coming towards me. it had no face and body there. we shouted loudly and ran away at room.i closed door quickly. and we sat together in the corner of room. suddenly once again we heard leg tap. our heart beats had increased. we never had seen the horrible like that was. we slept quietly at that night.tomorrow at next morning we went on same place but of course there was emptiness. after that we told all that horrible story to our owner.on which he replied that at 3 year ago an engineer student have done suicide in that room bcoz of failure in exams.

    We shocked by listening that story. i sure that was the paranormal intensity. now we have leaved that room forever. sometime we do hear same experiences from other college students but never go there.

    Peek-a-Boo – Submitted by Jada Ly’asia Bowman
    Fierce thunder and mysterious darkness was perfect for this worrisome night of August 26th. There once was a guy named Tim, He was very credulous. One night he was hanging out with a group of college guys.”Lets play hide-n-seek” said The leader of all groupies. “Tims it!”. Everyone agreed except for Tim, he didn’t think it was a very good idea. His credulousness soon inspired him to play. The big empty house was overwhelmed by darkness with the exception of ferocious lightning. The game started and everyone screamed. He opened his eyes and searched for approximately 6 minutes before he realized that something was wrong. He pasted through the silenced house yearning for a sound. Any sound other then the boisterous storm occurring outside. As he walked down the steep dark stairs he noticed a change in atmosphere. His heart beat accelerated and he became very worrisome. “Guys, this isn’t funny anymore.” he said as he reached the bottom of the staircase. Nobody was ever seen again.

    The following are even more Scarier :


    1. WTF?`those werent even scary.. if your going 2 tell a story, tell it right please…

      Commented by Blythe — February 3, 2013 @ 9:56 pm

    2. Suyog….Learn how to write properly in English.
      What a fake story.
      On top of that you raped English.

      Commented by unnamed — June 27, 2013 @ 9:02 pm

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