March 24th, 2006


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Thanks to Jeff for submitting this story.

This happens to me several years ago. On that day, I and 6 of my friends went to Karaoke to celebrate one of my friend’s birthday. When we were finished, we went to the counter to settle the bill and the cashier charged us for 8 persons. We then asked why she is charging 8 persons where we only have 7 of us.

She kept saying that we have 8 persons instead of 7. Then she told us that she can show us evidence by showing us the recoded tape from the CCTV installed in our room. And we said “alright, let show us to clarify it”. First when we looked at the tape, nothing was unusual. Then she counted by pointing her finger to the screen “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8″ and yes, there are 8 with 1 lady squating beside the sofa with her head leaning on her arm. Our hair immediately starts raising up and looking at each other. Then we told the cashier that she wasn’t with us and we don’t even know her existent while we were in that room. We then told the cashier that she may be a ghost or something.

We even requested her to fast-forward the tape to see whether she has left, move or what and found that she was in that position for the whole 5 hours. We then ran into the room and found nothing there.

March 23rd, 2006

UK Paranormal Study

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Thanks to Kieron Butler for submitting his experience.

The Ancient Ram Inn – Paranormal Investigation 03/12/2005
Team members;
Mr D Investigator/Photographer/Historian/Team Founder
Kieron Butler Investigator/Photographer/Sensitive
Dr C Investigator/Photographer/Sensitive
Mr W Investigator/Medium
Ms D Investigator/Sensitive
Mr A1 Investigator/Sensitive
Mr A2 Investigator
Mr & Mrs L New Members
Mr C Guest Member

Summary of events
This is our 3rd investigation at this amazing venue this year and as ever, it certainly didn’t let us down.

In July we attended and our Medium had a very difficult time, we contacted over a dozen spirits of which only a few were of a nice nature.
Numerous voices, footsteps and other unexplained noises were heard and recorded.
A few shadows and forms were seen moving around but sadly not on camera.

In August we had a very eventful investigation, we had our leading Medium join us along with the original and the whole event was dominated by 1 very nasty spirit refusing to leave our lead Medium alone. He is a trance medium with a great deal of experience but here was possibly the worse place he has ever worked as this spirit forced him into a trance on 4 occasions and on each, he couldn’t come out, we had to coax him round. The spirit was trying to use the medium to harm us. This event could easily fill a small book with details; however we shall concentrate on this recent investigation.

December 3rd investigation has to be the best yet!
We split into 3 groups. 1st vigil had group 3 in the 1st floor landing area bothered by a spirit called Michael, our medium communicated with him but surprisingly Ms D could see him standing in the doorway. He disappeared then hit our mediums crystal ball off its plinth onto the floor.
2nd vigil had Mr A1 being used in a trance by a boy trying to flee his nasty father who we later learned was the known spirit Michael. Mr A1 knew he was sensitive but being thrust straight into mediumship was a shock to us all.

3rd vigil found Mr D, Mr A2, Mr A1 and I – Kieron in the attic.
It was quiet but I knew something was near. We agreed to try an Ouija Board (with owner’s permission) we gathered all available protection within ourselves and asked our guides to protect us then opened the session. I must stress that this was not and should ever be taken lightly! This can be dangerous and should only used with experienced participants.

We immediately gained contact with a spirit feeding us false information and warnings of death etc etc. I seemed to just know it was Edward the main dominant spirit there and accused him of wasting our time, we know who he is and to step aside to let other spirits get through. What happened next should be a warning to anyone using the Ouija board!

We asked for a sign outside the board and we heard a deep kind of groan or yell.

I felt his presence rush across the attic towards us as did Mr A1 and the others felt a freezing blast of air hit us with force. I felt him at first right behind me, we continued then I felt him stand in the spot I was sitting, I felt overcome by a feeling I cannot explain but I think he was trying to get into me as if I could be used as a channel. This was getting unbearable and I then felt a terrible stabbing pain in my back, moments later the board spelt out stab & die! I felt my pain lift slightly, within 2 seconds Mr A1 was knocked over breaking a chair as he went and was unconscious then I felt all the pain and feelings return before I passed out. I remember being brought round and was weak and wobbly. We closed the Ouija session and thanked our guides for the protection under these rather difficult conditions. I was helped downstairs but was aware of him watching me and laughing. I think this horrible event has taken me to the next stage in my development towards mediumship. For the rest of the investigation I could tell when either Michael or Edward was near.

Mr A1 was used a number of times by James and we tried to get him over to the other side, however his Father Michael wouldn’t let him. He actually snatched James out of Mr A1 leaving him in pain as he felt he had been kicked in the ribs a number of times.

We had other incidents with the Ouija board and also recorded strange noises plus a few pics to accompany this article. We have still not analyzed all our footage yet but so far, it was a very eventful investigation.
We hope to return in January or February for some more scares!

March 19th, 2006

Burden of my Life

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Thanks to Jim

Many years ago, I was a living at the obscure little residential estate, and the events that I am about to relate to you have never been brought up in my family, until my father’s death.

12 years ago, my family of 5 was about to grow bigger, my mother was pregnant with her 4th child, she was 48 at that time. My family took the news well, but everyone was concerned of her health as complications were not uncommon for expecting women her age. My father insisted that she take good care of herself, even to the extent of telling her that her health came first, the baby’s second, this led us to believe that the pregnancy was an accident, and that my father blamed himself.

Around the 7th month of my mother’s pregnancy, I was sleeping in my room when I heard whispers, soft whispers that seemed to come from the room opposite of mine, my parent’s room, a man痴 rough voice. I thought it was my dad… I woke up with a jolt; I couldn’t make out any of the words, and all I could think of was to go to check it out. So I made my way to their room, all this while, the whispers were growing louder and louder, building up to a roar as I stood right outside their door… My mind was screaming at me that there was something VERY wrong here, without knowing why, I was frozen with fear, but I threw the door open anyway… Until today, I wish I had never done so…

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March 14th, 2006

Ghost stands beside me

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Thanks to Chen for this photo.

This photo was taken with my boyfriend at one of the island during our annual trip. That day I was feeling very uneasy like someone following me. Occasionally, I felt some one was talking to me (difficult to describe). At the hotel, I also felt someone walking around my room. When we were back home & sent the photos for printing, the shopkeeper told me that he noticed a ghost standing beside me. I was shocked to see the photo myself.

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March 10th, 2006

Ghost found in bird lover’s photo

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Thanks to Lin for submitting this photo

This picture was taken by a bird’s lover. That day, he has taken hundreds of photos of bird. When he started to arrange and enjoying his works, he noticed a ghost in one of the photo.

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March 8th, 2006

Jericho Covered Bridge – Part 2

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Previously B from Maryland had a ghost encountered at Jericho Covered Bridge. Shannon. T has a same experience at the same place. Thanks to Shannon for submitting this story.

I have been to the covered bridge several times and have expierenced things I know were real. The strangest thing I have seen there was probably when I was about 17 (I am 22 now) My friends and I would go and play Ouijji there(being silly) We have always seemed to have gotten a boy named Will. He told us that his father was a slave owner and that he had fallen in love with a young slave that eventually bore his child. He said his father was so furious that he had shot him and hung the girl and burned her, and then threw the baby off the bridge. We did not know the area well, but our “ghost” had repeated a number over and over on the board….we asked if it was a date, or year…all was no. He spelled out Black gate….and dig.

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March 5th, 2006

The Koi Pond

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Submitted by Synski

This happened during one of Annual Sports Camp. We were at the Koi Pond where we were supposed to play this (STUPID) game. We’re supposed to light 13 candles while the camp officials will try to blow them all out. Despite this being a no-brainer game, i do agree it has it’s tinge of eeriness.

The time was about 10 p.m. It was then that I felt a presence surrounding the Koi Pond. My gut feelings told me that there was ‘something’ lurking behind the bushes. For one thing, I noticed that despite the air of the night being still, there were rustlings coming from the bushes. Just not to alarm anyone, I kept that feeling to myself.

Bad move.

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March 2nd, 2006

White Dress Ghost at Carpark

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Submitted by Chen

The following images were extracted from a TV Programme. This programme is about all kinds of paranormal encounters reported by the public. The team will then setup cameras, and all necessary equipment to obtain evidence to prove that what the people reported is correct. On this image, a few people reported that they have seen a lady ghost dressed in white walking at the carpark during midnight. Some of them even reported that the lady figure will then dissappear into thin air.

During the ghost hunting process, they have waited for 2 days and nothing abnormal found except sometime there were mist capture in their cameras. However on the third day, strange thing happened. 2 of the team member felt someone touching their body (head, arm, cheek, hair, etc) during their rest time. The team leader then turned the camera pointing at their position but nothing was captured. Then he rewind back to a few hours earlier and there they saw a lady ghost walking past the car (in fact it is not walking but floating).

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February 28th, 2006

Haunted Doll

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Thanks to Sitabat

This video was taken while doing an investigation. Turn up your speakers please! There is an unexplained noise at the end which sounds like deep breathing. The investigation was 1 hour long and only the creepy part is shared.

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February 26th, 2006

Ghost in my Village

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Submitted By : Anonymous

When I was 20+ years old, I was staying with my uncle in a one of the secluded village. All this while I was helping my uncle taping rubber at his plantation. We will normally woke up at 4.30am, preparing the necessary tools and ride a motorcycle to my uncle’s plantation. One day, I was not feeling well. So my uncle did not wake me up as he wanted me to take some rest. Since I am use to wake up so early in the morning, I woke up by myself at around 5.00am and look for my uncle. As my uncle should have already left the house to the plantation, I wanted to help as he is the only relative who is willing to look after me. So I rode my bicycle to his plantation. My uncle always told me that whenever we heard someone calling while in the plantation, don’t ever look back.

On that morning at around 5.30am while the sky was still very dark, when I almost reach the wooden bridge, i heard someone calling my name and without thinking what my uncle told me before, I looked around to see who is calling me. Well, after looking around, i can see nobody and continue my cycling. While crossing the bridge, there was another guy cycling to my direction. Then he suddently stopped halfway and shouted “Oh, My God”, “Oh My God”….., turned back and quickly cycled away. I was wondering why he was so scared of me and when I look back, nothing was unusual.

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