January 11th, 2006

Haunted School

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Thanks to Diyana

I was having Maths lesson. My class was paying full attention to the subject teacher. I was looking at the board when I heard someone call my name. I turned and none of my friends was looking at me. That voice I heard was a young girls voice. I called my frens, one by one, asking if they had called me or not.But they with a serious face, “NO”.I wondered who it was.

Then it happened. I was paying attention again to my teacher when I heard that same voice calling me again. I looked around and saw a little girl standing at the corridor of my class. It was calling me to go to her. I kept quiet and payed attention. While I was doing that, someone slapped my shoulder. It was VERY painful. I didn’t shout but kept that feeling to myself. It was so scary. The first period ended and it was time for recess. I went to the corridor where I saw that little girl and saw no one. But I could feel a breeze pass trough me. It feels like an aircon. So cold… I decided to ignore everything that happened and walked out of the classroom straight.Strange!!I was walking out of the classroom when I feel “someone”,or “something”, pushed me. I fell to the ground. It hurt a lot!!

I saw no one in front of me. Nobody was in my class. I stood up and was surprised to see that little girl standing in front of me! I ran out of the class and went to the canteen as fast as I could. I didn’t tell anyone about this. The next day, my best friend, Alia (not her real name), told me about our school. She said that our class (1N6) was haunted as years ago, a lady killed her daughter in our class itself as for some reasons. I was shocked and kept quiet.

January 8th, 2006

Ghost Pulling My Helmet

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Thanks to Smoke

This happened to me in Year 2000. I was a pillion rider heading for “Highway 1″ on a motorcycle with a friend of mine. We missed the “Highway 1″ entrance along XYZ Road so we went straight and headed to “Highway 2″ d instead (towards the city direction).

As we travelled down a mild slope at “Highway 2″, I felt a strange force trying to pull my helmet off my head. My head was jerked all the way back and I had to use my hand to hold the helmet down. There was no strong wind and my visor was DOWN and I shouted to my friend to go slower. He surprised me by shouting at me to stop pushing his head down.

Initially, I had an explanation for this: When we were going down the slope, my head was pushing his down so he was trying to push his head up, therefore causing the contradicting forces.

However, when I sat straight up, I could see his head still bent down and shouting at me to stop pushing his head!!! At that same time, where I could see that we had no head-contact, the force was again trying to pull my helmet off!!! It was a pulling force from the back and not a pushing force from the front!!! I was so worried I started chanting some prayers and the feeling automatically stopped. When I stopped chanting, the feeling started again so I eagerly continued chanting. It was only when we were out of “Highway 2″ then did the feeling of being pulled stopped.

January 7th, 2006

Ghost at New House

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Submitted By : Anonymous

My sister-in-law’s brother was planning to buy a second hand house. He made an appointment with the broker to view one of the house located at ABC City (real name withheld) in evening (after working hours). He also asked his collegue to accompany him and give some opinion on the house. So both of them reached there at 6.30pm and the house broker came 10 minutes later.

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January 6th, 2006


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Thanks to Ah Long

This story does not happen to me but was related to me by one of my relatives.

One of my mum relatives, had an operations due to a illness. The operation was successful but she have to stay in the hospital for observations. So, the encounter happened during one night…

That very night, auntie “Jane” (not her real name) was almost half asleep in her bed after taking her medicine. The time was close to 10 plus. She was staying in a 2 person ward. The other bed was empty as the patient has been discharged several days ago. So my auntie was all alone.

Soon enough she feel asleep…

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January 4th, 2006

Hide & Seek

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Thanks to Stephanie Lee

When I was 15, my scout team organized a camping rehearsal at the school compound for 3 days 2 nights. On the first night, we learned many scout techniques such as making camp fire, building a camp, etc. Then on the second night which is the last day of our camping practice, at around 11.30pm (the end of the rehearsal session), we suppose to rest and sleep for the next day instructor’s presentation. However, one of my schoolmate suggested not to sleep that early as this is a very good opportunity for us to chat without parents’ interference. We chatted for about an hour and she suggested to play hide and seek as the school is the best place to play such game. Then I requested to select only one floor instead of the whole school compound. We selected Level 2 which have 15 classrooms.

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January 3rd, 2006

Someone follow me

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Thanks to Rayne.

I’m staying in “ABC” flat (name withheld). The flat is nearby a cemetary & theres a “forest” next to my block. It was on a Friday night & was 3am. I just returned from one of the clubbing sessions with friends. I didnt drink as I was driving. I was feeling tired. As there were limited parkings at the flat I am staying and by 3 am, most of the parking lots are full. I have no choice but to park at the higher level. So on that day, I parked my car on Level 5.

My flat is on the next block. Once in level 3, I heard the sound of slippers behind me. As if someone was walking behind me dragging their slippers away. I didnt turned back. I quicken my pace as I feel something wasnt right. The hair on my neck stands. The air was still but theres a sweet smell in the air once a while smells bad. Smells something like franjipani tree. I kept on walking till i reached my block. I never even once look back. This thing followed me all the way.

At the lift, I met my neighbour. He is an elderman about 45. He told me later he just returned from work. He is policeman. I said hi but he didint say anything. He ran towards me, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the lift. I was too stunned to ask anything. He asked me, “how are you?” I said, “ok”. He asked me, “You didnt see it?” I said, “See what?” He said, “Never mind, we talk tomorrow.” When we reached 15th floor, out of nowhere we could hear dogs howling. We wasted no time & move in to his house. I slept in his house that night.

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January 2nd, 2006

Unknown Guest

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Thanks to adelzkie

This picture was taken during a college’s party in one of the hotels here in manila. It was shot just for fun since the girl’s suitor (the guy behind in americana suit) was in the background but when it was developed there is that “black image” blocking the guy behind which we can not explain.

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January 1st, 2006


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Thanks to Athena for submitting this story

This story happens to my good friend, Michelle in Hongkong. She was back in her country for the summer holidays and she was looking forward to seeing her family and friends again.

Michelle has a unusual hobby- Cosplaying. She loves to dress and make up as her favourite cartoon or japanese visual rock artistes. One reason why she looks forward to the trip back home is to cosplay with her siblings and friends again. She got her wish and she spent most of her time with her friends or siblings cosplaying different people and at differnt interesting locations.

One night, she was up with her two sisters, talking away in the night about their lifes, friends, school etc. Basically just catching up on lost times. Suddenly, her elder sis, anna got this idea to cosplay late in the night as hong kong night scene is also very beautiful. ‘Why don’t we go to the cemetry? After all, we always went there to take photos in the day, this would be for a change..’ says michelle. They decided to have a Gothic theme in their make up and clothes, with all the black-lipstick and eye-liner.

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December 30th, 2005

Beach Side Tower

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Thanks to GirlGirl for submitting this story.

This incident happened to me and a few others about a year ago.

My cousin, Bobby, me, some of his friends and my other cousins were walking to the a Beach Resort as it was my grandma’s birthday. Its was dark except for the moonlight. Some of Bobby’s friends lit cigarette so that we could see better. By the time we reached there, it was 11.15pm.

After our dinner (or maybe I should called it supper), I asked permission from my mum to allow me to go and take a stroll with the rest of them. My mum allowed so we decided to take a walk. Suddenly, an idea struck to one of Bobby’s friend, Henry. He suggested that we would go to the tower nearby. So, everyone agreed. We took our torchlight along. Before entering to the area, we recited some prayers. Martin, one of Bobby’s friend told us not to look behind if anybody called.

Before entering the tower, there will be a maze. We walk there three in a row. I was lucky enough to get in the middle of the row and at the same time, with my boyfriend, Matthew. So when we entered the maze, we saw an old man digging a hole on the ground. We decided to ignore him as we thought he was a cleaner or something. So we continued walking.

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December 29th, 2005

Midnight Visitor

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Submitted by Anonymous

This picture was taken when we were on a holiday at Cherating, in Malaysia. That night around 12 am, our beds were ‘out of order’ and while waiting for the new bed to arrive, we decided to take some pictures. When the ‘photo-taking session’ is going on, we did not see anything weird or feel the presence of anything. But when the picture is developed, we realised that on one of the pictures, there is a figure near the lift.

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