March 23rd, 2006

UK Paranormal Study

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  • Thanks to Kieron Butler for submitting his experience.

    The Ancient Ram Inn – Paranormal Investigation 03/12/2005
    Team members;
    Mr D Investigator/Photographer/Historian/Team Founder
    Kieron Butler Investigator/Photographer/Sensitive
    Dr C Investigator/Photographer/Sensitive
    Mr W Investigator/Medium
    Ms D Investigator/Sensitive
    Mr A1 Investigator/Sensitive
    Mr A2 Investigator
    Mr & Mrs L New Members
    Mr C Guest Member

    Summary of events
    This is our 3rd investigation at this amazing venue this year and as ever, it certainly didn’t let us down.

    In July we attended and our Medium had a very difficult time, we contacted over a dozen spirits of which only a few were of a nice nature.
    Numerous voices, footsteps and other unexplained noises were heard and recorded.
    A few shadows and forms were seen moving around but sadly not on camera.

    In August we had a very eventful investigation, we had our leading Medium join us along with the original and the whole event was dominated by 1 very nasty spirit refusing to leave our lead Medium alone. He is a trance medium with a great deal of experience but here was possibly the worse place he has ever worked as this spirit forced him into a trance on 4 occasions and on each, he couldn’t come out, we had to coax him round. The spirit was trying to use the medium to harm us. This event could easily fill a small book with details; however we shall concentrate on this recent investigation.

    December 3rd investigation has to be the best yet!
    We split into 3 groups. 1st vigil had group 3 in the 1st floor landing area bothered by a spirit called Michael, our medium communicated with him but surprisingly Ms D could see him standing in the doorway. He disappeared then hit our mediums crystal ball off its plinth onto the floor.
    2nd vigil had Mr A1 being used in a trance by a boy trying to flee his nasty father who we later learned was the known spirit Michael. Mr A1 knew he was sensitive but being thrust straight into mediumship was a shock to us all.

    3rd vigil found Mr D, Mr A2, Mr A1 and I – Kieron in the attic.
    It was quiet but I knew something was near. We agreed to try an Ouija Board (with owner’s permission) we gathered all available protection within ourselves and asked our guides to protect us then opened the session. I must stress that this was not and should ever be taken lightly! This can be dangerous and should only used with experienced participants.

    We immediately gained contact with a spirit feeding us false information and warnings of death etc etc. I seemed to just know it was Edward the main dominant spirit there and accused him of wasting our time, we know who he is and to step aside to let other spirits get through. What happened next should be a warning to anyone using the Ouija board!

    We asked for a sign outside the board and we heard a deep kind of groan or yell.

    I felt his presence rush across the attic towards us as did Mr A1 and the others felt a freezing blast of air hit us with force. I felt him at first right behind me, we continued then I felt him stand in the spot I was sitting, I felt overcome by a feeling I cannot explain but I think he was trying to get into me as if I could be used as a channel. This was getting unbearable and I then felt a terrible stabbing pain in my back, moments later the board spelt out stab & die! I felt my pain lift slightly, within 2 seconds Mr A1 was knocked over breaking a chair as he went and was unconscious then I felt all the pain and feelings return before I passed out. I remember being brought round and was weak and wobbly. We closed the Ouija session and thanked our guides for the protection under these rather difficult conditions. I was helped downstairs but was aware of him watching me and laughing. I think this horrible event has taken me to the next stage in my development towards mediumship. For the rest of the investigation I could tell when either Michael or Edward was near.

    Mr A1 was used a number of times by James and we tried to get him over to the other side, however his Father Michael wouldn’t let him. He actually snatched James out of Mr A1 leaving him in pain as he felt he had been kicked in the ribs a number of times.

    We had other incidents with the Ouija board and also recorded strange noises plus a few pics to accompany this article. We have still not analyzed all our footage yet but so far, it was a very eventful investigation.
    We hope to return in January or February for some more scares!

    The following are even more Scarier :


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      Commented by Bill — December 2, 2006 @ 2:29 am

    2. I love the show ‘A Haunting’ on Discovery Channel (comes on every day at 1p here in Central time, anyway) – It’s an hour-long show that dramatizes real paranormal cases. Today’s show was a learning experience for me, it was about a house in Ireland that was very haunted – they never saw the spirit, but it sure seemed to be an ‘evil’ spirit, by the things it was doing – it did something I’d never heard of before – it MELTED the telephone when they guy put it up to his ear to call somebody ! The ending really suprised me, when it was found out from a medium that visited the place, that the spirit was of a BABY ! Long ago, the mother had the baby out of wedlock, and back then it was a very bad thing to do, so the girls’ father took the baby from her and killed it — so it was the spirit of that baby that was doing all the crazy stuff in the house. At the end, the medium and 4 other people in the house held hands in a circle around an empty baby bed (the current occupants had a baby also) – and the medium asked them to visualize the spirit baby being in the bassonet, surrounded by white light, and to picture the baby rising up to The Light, and pass on to the other side…Suddenly, they all saw a little baby ghost surrounded by white light and then it slowly did raise up and through the ceiling, and was finally on the Other Side….What suprised me about this episode, was the fact that a baby ghost was behind all the activity in the house – activity that most people would consider as an evil spirit – I didn’t know that even baby ghosts could do those things – My only answer to this, is that before we are born, we are spirits to begin with, so I guess the spirit inside is ‘mature’ already, before being brought into this world….and of course, that all spirits have the ability to do these things….I guess if I was a baby spirit, I wouldn’t be too happy either, being taken from my mother and killed….

      Happy Hauntings

      Commented by paranormalizer — July 27, 2007 @ 7:24 am

    3. The San Francisco Zodiac and a Witch Named Raven: Lake Berryessa, California
      Including: The 2007 Guided Tour of Haunted Placerville, California
      By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghost Writer

      Today is a hot crispy day and there is a lot of things going on with H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California this day. Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe – President of HPI and two seasoned investigators Tim Hawkins & Cherie Vincent would take about 30 new HPI investigators on the Guided Tour of Haunted Placerville, which includes seeing and touring: Hangman’s Tree Bar; The Hillsider Saloon; Historic Cary House Hotel; The Cozmic Cafe- or Pearson’s Soda Works w/their underground mining caves; Hidden Passages Bookstore; Tomei’s Restaurant; The Druid Monument; The Sequoia House Restaurant and The Placerville Union Cemetery.

      I speak to Shannon more often on my cell phone, than I do with my own father. If you ever watched X-Files, Mulder and Scully were always in constant communication with each other on their cell phones and today would be a day that Shannon and I would talk a lot, for briefings on two separate investigations. Since I am HPI’s Ghostwriter, I needed to know what was occurring on the Placerville investigation and keep Shannon abreast with my Lake Berryessa investigation.

      On this day, Saturday – August 4, 2007, the day started normal. I started grooming my Chow T-Rex, while my Jack Russell Terrier named Pika jumps into his small pool, rolls around in the dirt and tracks mud all over the kitchen floor. I yell in mock anger…”The next time Pika, you’re going to the dog pound!” Pika actually knows what the dog pound is. When he was younger, he ran away and got lost and was actually taken to the dog pound. When I found him at the dog pound, he was so excited to see me, he urinated all over me. I said to him…”you didn’t like the dog pound?” The word ‘dog pound’ stuck. Of course now, I tease him and would have no intention of ever taking him to the dog pound, but it’s comical to see his reaction. I know, I’m a meanie.

      Let’s get rolling on the investigations, I quickly meet up at a Starbucks off Watt Avenue to talk with Lyudmila Bernik, a Ukrainian native that now lives in Sacramento. We discussed a possible trip that I might be making to the Ukraine and Romania. Lyudmila has Romanian blood in her and I have always had a desire to visit Transylvania, the home of Vlad Tepes aka Dracula. We sat there and had a lengthy discussion about Dracula. I still have no idea where I am going on my vacation next year, but if the air flight is priced right, I might be headed for the Ukraine and Romania. Thanks for the tips Lyudmila. Now to my investigation at Lake Berryessa. I went and picked up a Wicca named Raven. Raven does not want to be fully identified in this article, but she is a unique individual. She looks superb in her all black outfit. She has a tattoo of a Raven on her arm and a skull/Wicca pentagram necklace draping her neck. Raven briefs me about Lake Berryessa. I know most
      of the story, but in case, you the reader doesn’t know, here’s what happened.
      In September 27, 1969, college students Bryan Hartnell and Cecelia Shepherd had a picnic along the shore of Lake Berryessa. It was a relaxing afternoon. Cecelia noticed a man lingering in the shade of some trees nearby. Suddenly he appeared wearing an odd hooded costume that had a white crossed-circle stitched onto the front. The Zodiac held the frightened coeds at gunpoint as he explained that he intended to rob them and make his escape. Bryan and Cecilia were bound with clothesline. The victims hoped that the ordeal was about to end, when all of a sudden the Zodiac attacked them with a foot-long knife. When the vicious attack was over, the Zodiac walked away and left his victims in agony.

      The Zodiac used a black marker to draw a large crossed-circle on the door of Bryan’s car. Below his symbol, the killer listed the dates of the two shootings and added the notation, “Sept 27 69 6:30 by knife.” At 7:40 pm, the Napa County Police Department received a call that had been placed from a telephone booth located a few blocks away. Officer David Slaight listened as the caller said in a low, monotone voice, “I want to report a murder – no, a double murder. They are two miles north of park headquarters. They were in a white Volkswagen Karman Ghia.” Slaight asked the man to provide his location, but the voice only faded away and the caller replied, “I’m the one who did it.” When dusk arrived a local fisherman found the couple writhing in agony. Cecilia died, Bryan survived to give his account on the attack.
      Raven took me to the area of the attack. The ghost of Cecilia is supposed to haunt this area and some witnesses have claimed their is residual haunting activity in which the murder plays out over and over again. As Raven and I waited for night to fall, I listened to Raven’s involvement with the Wicca culture and how Wiccans respect all nature, plants and animals. They seek to live their lives in harmony with the Earth. Raven also explained to me how Wiccans have gotten a bad rap and many people misconstrue their activities as something evil. Raven embraces the night and she couldn’t wait until the sun set.

      I made a call to Shannon. Shannon explains to me, that they are capturing some great digital photographs on their Placerville Haunted Tours. She relates to me that one of the investigators felt cold chills from the Pearson’s Soda Works, near the mines. They caught many orbs in their photographs at Pearsons. More orbs photographs were taken at Empire Antiques. The orbs seems to be near the investigators as if they were watching them. Shannon gave a nice briefing about each haunted locale and told them the legend of Stan the Ghost that haunts the Cary House. In one photo, Shannon explains to me that an orb is captured at the stairwell. Could this be Stan the Ghost? They also had a seance of sorts upstairs at the Sequioa House Restaurant where they were able to come in contact with Marcus Bennett the 4 year old boy that died there in the 1800’s. She tells me they received an EVP of the young boy whispering his name.
      All in all, Shannon said the tour was a success and she was pleased at all of the orb & EVP activity during this investigation. Shannon tells me to check out the HPI meetup site
      , to see all of the orb photos from this investigation. The next thing Shannon asks me is how I was doing? I explain this later to Shannon as night falls.

      As I get off the phone with Shannon, I think of the orb photos she is referring to. I know my house is not haunted and I have taken over a 1000 digital photos at my home and have never captured an orb picture. When I go on an investigation to a haunted location, most of the time I get an orb picture by my 4th or 5th shot. Why is that? Sometimes people explain the orb photos as dust orbs…well, my house is dusty, I have two dogs for criminy sakes. How come I can’t get dust orb photos with my camera in my own dusty house? There has got to be some kind of explanation for orb photos, I just don’t know the answer. As night falls, it’s extremely dark. At some point of time, I have a feeling of dread. I look for strange cars that may pull up to my car. Raven is not afraid of anything and embraces the night. She tells me that people say that they see orbs floating around this area at night, with their own eyes. As I look around I see a strange blurry light. I go to
      investigate and it’s a rock. What I don’t understand is why is this rock glowing from a distance? When I approach the rock, it stops glowing, as I walk away from the rock, it glows. Raven notices the glow from the rock too. This is not an orb, but it is strange for this rock to glow this way and from a distance it looks like an orb.

      No EVPs were detected at this location, I did have the feeling of dread that came about me that lasted for about 5 minutes and went away. No orb photos were taken. The glowing rock did not come out in my photo, but it could be seen with the naked eye. This investigation was inconclusive as I later related the information back to Shannon. The place is extremely creepy and every star in the night sky could be seen. If continued reports come in, in regard to a residual haunting, another investigation will be conducted.

      As I drove Raven home, we talked about how she got her nickname Raven. Of course, she adores Ravens, she’s a witch for crying out loud! She asked if I had any nicknames. I told her that I had many nicknames in the past, but recently noticed that some of my friends now call me ‘Paranormal Paul’, but that can’t be any worse than when I was called ‘Fresno County Paul’ by employees of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. Raven looks at me confused and asks…’why did they call you Fresno County Paul?’ I told her that when I worked the Northridge Earthquake disaster, I met up with my ex-wife in Fresno. She came down from Sacramento, as I came up from Los Angeles, we met up half way. My colleagues at the time, teased me and said…”why don’t you meet her at some place that is more fun, like Monterey..why Fresno?” They could not fathom the idea I would meet up with my ex at Fresno and before I knew it, I was being called ‘Fresno County Paul’.
      Raven looks at me and says…’you definitely have a crazy life!’ For more on HPI, check out their website at:

      Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter
      Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503

      The Whistling Wraith of Camellia Memorial Lawn and
      Jimmy One-Eye and Charlie Crooked Teeth of the Ice Crystal Factory
      By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter
      Edited by Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe

      One of the things that is fun about being a ghost hunter for H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California is that I am able to head out somewhere, meet a potential client and listen to their ghost story. This Sunday, August 5, 2007, I was doing exactly that. I went to the quaint town of Davis and stopped over at Konditorei Austrian Pastry Cafe and waited for my potential client. Her name is Laura (Jeanne) Garman, she likes to be called Jeanne. Jeanne has a very bubbly personality and full of smiles. As I ate my buttered croissant and drank my vanilla bean coffee, I listened to Jeanne’s stories. Jeanne feels she may be an intuitive, she picks up on things that other people don’t pick up on. It appears that the paranormal may have followed her throughout her years. Jeanne is a single mother of 3 children and when she lived in a home in Spokane, Washington in 1989, she knew the home was haunted by a small girl ghost. She would hear constant laughing or sobbing. The house was over 100 years old and carried with it, a lot of history. The sobbing and laughing of a little girl would continue, then one night she heard somebody climbing up and down the stairwell. She heard running footsteps. She cried out for her 8 year old daughter, thinking it might have been her daughter running up and down the stairs at this late hour in the night. When investigating, her daughter was sound asleep and there was no one around who could have caused the sound of running feet. Later on, Jeanne discovers buried correspondence, underneath some dirt, underneath the outdoor steps. As she went over the letters, she read on how two families were corresponding with each other and in the letters they were inquiring on the health of a little girl that had consumption (an old word for TB). She moved from Spokane to a home in Benicia. She moved into an old Colonial home. There was a cellar to the home and when she entered the cellar, she felt like something was dead in the cellar. It was an overwhelming feeling, she could not stay in the cellar to long. The cellar door would open by itself on a regular basis. One night she heard a woman’s voice crying out to her….”Jeanne, Jeanne”. This was enough for Jeanne, she now lives in Davis and has not witnessed any paranormal activity in her new residence. On this night paranormal investigator/scout Jennifer Baca came over and we set our goals in investigating three locations. First off, the East Lawn Elk Grove Mortuary off of East Stockton Blvd, Camellia Memorial Lawn at 10221 Jackson Road and finally the abandoned Ice Crystal Factory between 15th and 16th Street – on R Street. We brought along another ghost hunter, his name is Pika, a Jack Russell Terrier that belongs to me.

      When we arrived at East Lawn Elk Grove Mortuary, we stopped by my mother’s (Rose Marie Roberts) grave and I gave my respects. I also stopped over at my stepmother’s parents (Mitchells) gravesite along with the Huft gravesite to give my respects. After my silent prayers, we started our ghost hunting. What is unusual about this cemetery is that there are turkeys wandering around the grounds and Pika had a field day chasing them. There was no unusual activity at this cemetery and we headed over to the Camellia Memorial Lawn. This is when things became strange. While we took photos and turned on our digital audio recorder, we started hearing voices and whistles. In one location of the isolated cemetery, I heard a distinct man’s whistle, he was whistling a tune, it lasted for no more than 5 seconds. Jennifer didn’t hear the whistle. Jennifer and I, both heard a woman’s laughter, then we both heard what sounded like two children talking. The closest homes were one mile away. There was wind. So, could have voices been carried for a mile to our location, where we could actually hear the voices as if they were no more than 20 to 50 feet away from us? The woman’s laughter sounded like it was no more than 50 feet away and it was a loud laughter. The man’s whistle, sounded like it was no more than 20 feet away, in the opposite direction of the two houses that were a mile down the road. Was this truly a whistling wraith? There was a point of time, that Pika seemed focus on an area near a tree as if he sensed something. I checked to see if there was any animals in the tree and there wasn’t any, but he kept looking at one area of the tree as if there was something there that only he could see. He finally got distracted to chase a couple of rabbits and one cat. Another time, I heard two loud knocks on a tree and I cannot determine what caused the two knocks. This was a very strange cemetery.

      Our last destination was the abandoned Ice Crystal Factory. I was told it was once a fruit packing plant, but the sign says Ice Crystal, so I am not sure. This factory has been abandoned since the 70s and I was told that 2 men that worked there, were killed by the factory machinery. The story I was told that the two factory workers were taunted by the other factory workers because of their deformities. One of them, that was nicknamed Charlie Crooked Teeth, had crooked teeth. The other factory worker nicknamed Jimmy One-Eye, had only one good eye. Charlie Crooked Teeth and Jimmy One-Eye became very close friends. I do not exactly know the kind of machinery they were both working with, but the story goes that an accident occurred and they were both killed by the machinery. Other stories said that they were set-up and the machinery was sabotaged, this lead to their deaths. Supposingly, Charlie Crooked Teeth and Jimmy One-Eye haunt this factory. As we took digital photographs, we got some interesting orb pictures. I took a picture in an opening of a window and got 13 orbs in one photo, the next shot, there was no orbs. Jennifer took a picture at the location where my car was parked at and got some orb shots near my car.

      I would like to do a further investigation of the Ice Crystal Factory and Camellia Memorial Lawn, both places seem to have some exceptional activity. Could the restless spirits of Jimmy One-Eye and Charlie Crooked Teeth still haunt this abandoned factory? Are they trying to find why they died sudden deaths. Could they be the orbs that seemed to have followed Jennifer and I, around the factory and later seen by my car? If so, Jimmy One-Eye and Charlie Crooked Teeth, may you both rest in peace.

      For more on H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California, check out our website at:

      Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter
      Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503

      Commented by Paul Dale Roberts — August 8, 2007 @ 4:32 pm

    4. Thanks for sharing

      Commented by Tony — August 8, 2007 @ 4:44 pm

    5. Wow! That’s what I call CLOSELY authentic stuff! Love the investigative report!

      Commented by QutePanGy — September 24, 2007 @ 11:08 pm

    6. ummm paul im not gonna read that and i dawt enyone will

      Commented by d m d m — December 23, 2007 @ 2:45 am

    7. Hmmm, spooky stuff lol,

      Oh and paranormalizer, you do know the show “A haunting” is fake.

      And ‘d m d m’ just because you are an uneducated loser who couldn’t read more than two sentences or spell for doesn’t mean we all are. It is spelt ‘doubt’ and ‘anyone’, god I hate people like you. Paul’s stories were very interesting but with the factory it would be extremely dusty if it hadn’t been used in years so that could be an explanation for so many orbs. I have never thought orbs to be very reliable.

      Commented by Isabelle — August 13, 2008 @ 2:28 pm

    8. “god I hate people like you”

      The under-educated or the dyslexic? How very snotty of you Isabelle. Paul often writes amazingly long replies that are just a story that wasn’t accepted onto the site. Perhaps you need to lower your expectations before coming onto a website where alot of people will not have been taught english as their first language.

      Commented by stu — September 24, 2009 @ 4:57 pm

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