February 24th, 2006

Whose Hand?

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Submitted by anonymous

This image was screenshot from a clip taken directly from a Korea TV program. Then it was reported that an “unidentified” hand was appearing on the guy’s shoulder and the director of the program confirmed that. The funny thing is that while shooting, no one saw the hand.

February 21st, 2006

Black Lady

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Submitted by : Effan

This happen when i was about 15 or 16yrs old, still young and full of energy. I was at a friends wedding preparation day which i forgot the exact location.

It was around midnight and i was playing poker with a few friends, until at a point it was so bored i decided to do other things. Me and two of my freinds decided to take a walk. We went to the playground just round the corner but was dissapointed because there were already someone also part of our freinds sitting there. So we decided to change location and go to the rooftop instead. You know sometimes the rooftop door was not lock and we can actually go up there. But luck was not on our side and it was so frustrating when we reach at the top the door was lock. One of the guys decided that we should go to our wedding friends unit which on the 5th floor and find a place to sleep since it’s already around almost 3am and we had a frustrating time not getting what we want to do. All of us agreed and we start our journey down the staircase.

When we reach the 6th floor, it came to our mind that we actually did not know exactly which unit it was, but we only knew it was on the 5th floor. So i decide that we split into two groups and meet up at the 6th floor again when found the unit. But my friend decide that we should look for it together, and we start from the other end of the block.

While we were walking in a straight row, i notice something on the next block which very near and visible. It was a lady dress in black and she had a very long hair, i could not tell whether she human or bla bla bla but it was a scary sight because she was holding on to the maingate just standing there and her hands are all black too. Suddenly my friends in front of me gave me a shock, he also saw it and was whispering to me .”Hey did u see at the next block?” I quickly told him told him “shhh keep quiet, just walk”. It always been told that when you see something unusual, just keep quiet and walk. But the silence did not last long when my another friend suddenly with his’ big mouth ‘ said, “Hey hey see there see there you see or not ” pointing directly at that particular thing. And naturaly both of us look and what we saw was really chilling. The lady in black was actually scratching the door of that house violently and was also looking at us while doing it. The next thing i knew i was running to the staircase leaving my friends behind and i could hear one of my friend shouting or actualy crying “Wait wait don’t leave me!!!”. But i was running down like a flash.

When we were at the ground floor, we headed straight to the playground where most of our friends were and surprisingly when we reach there, everyone seems to look scared and were close together. Before we could tell them what happen, one of them told us that they saw someone looking at them from the rooftop, looks like a lady with long hair swaying and suddenly vanish just like that. The three of us just look at each other and then we told them we just saw that thing on the 5th floor at the same block. Just imagine if we were at the rooftop and the that thing is there too………….!

February 18th, 2006

Girl Ghost at Cemetery

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Thanks to Chavador

This video was captured by a Mexican (I guess) at a cemetery. The language is not in english but it is really scary. He found a girl sitting near one of the corner and he was trying to asked her what she was doing there late at night. The girl look back at him and ……..
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February 16th, 2006

White Ghost at Home

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Thanks to Sam Dol
This happened to me when I was in my pre-school. I was staying in a rented flat then (one living room, one bedroom). As my family was quite large for a one roomer, me and my dad would normally sleep in the living room.

On certain nights, I would wake up to find my father sleeping in the bedroom. I have to admit I was afraid of the dark. Most of the times if I woke up and didn’t see my father next to me, I would cover my face with the pillow and force myself to sleep.

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February 14th, 2006

Prison Ghost

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Thanks to Matt

This video footage was taken by placing some sort of spy camera in the prison compound by Ghost Hunters.

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February 11th, 2006

Ghost capture at home

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Submitted by Anonymous

We were having a lot of hard time being disturbed by spirit at our house. Then my dad decided to place a video camera trying to figure out what happened. This the clip that my dad had captured.

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February 8th, 2006

Woman ‘ghost’ image on tape

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The following video clip was captured by Puckett’s Auto Body Shop using the surveillance camera. Then the clip was shown on news broadcast. Based on what reported in Kfor, those who work at Puckett’s in southwest Oklahoma City believe the image is that of a woman involved in a fatal accident. Now, family members of that woman have come forward, convinced the sighting is their lost loved one sending them a message.

Tracy Martin died from her injuries June 30th. But, her family believes she came back 18 days later to let them know she’s okay. They say that is exactly how Tracy did things, in grand style.

Tracy Martin’s father, brother and husband are convinced the videotaped image is that of the 33-year-old mother of twins.

Tracy’s truck was moved from Puckett’s wrecker yard July 17 from the area the surveillance camera records. Overnight dispatcher Kathy Henley saw the image live on her monitors.
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February 6th, 2006

Baby Crying

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Thanks to Brandy Whitworth for submitting this story

I had a friend that lived on a farm out in the country. When I was in early grade school, I used to spend the night with her quite frequently. We would spend some of the time in the play-room in the basement. This room was fairly large. Off to one side was an area where the water heater was positioned along with a variety of cabinets and shelves that held more toys. Facing this area was a small children’s table where we would draw and play. I can remember the feeling that I had EVERY time I was in this room was one of absolute terror. I never sat at the table with my back to the water heater because I always felt as if something was back there. If my friend would leave the room or go upstairs, I would become terrified and run after her…I NEVER could be there alone!! The feeling that I had about this room, the water heater area in particular, is difficult to explain, ” terrified” isn’t strong enough!!

Years later, when we were in high school, a bunch of us got to talking about ghosts. The girl I used to play with started talking about how her house was haunted and that every once in a while they would hear a baby cry (she was the youngest so there were no babies in the house). According to the story, there was a baby that died whose crib was by the water heater!! Needless to say, I freaked. I had never told this girl about the feeling I had when I was in her basement or about the water heater area in particular. To this day, I completely believe that there really was something back there–the crying baby!!!

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February 5th, 2006

Japan TV Captured Ghost

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Thanks to Anonymous

The video clip below was taken from one of the Japan Entertainment Show, On that day, they broadcast real ghost being capture at on of the haunted place. They are in Japanese but you can see that a spirit appeared beside the guy in the clip.
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February 3rd, 2006


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Thanks to Les for this photo

About two years ago I received this photo from a man named Chris. He was stationed at an air force base in Germany. At the time they were living in base housing that happened to be pre WWII. Any way they kept hearing noises in the basement but when they would go down to investigate they would find nothing. One night during a poker game several people heard something down stairs so they grabbed the video camera expecting to find a cat or another animal there. To his surprise this showed up. I ended up posting the photo on the site after a great amount of discussion as to whether it was a hoax or not. I tried myself to reproduce the photo using a night shot camera and could not even come close. If anyone can reproduce it I would be very interested in seeing the results.


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